Happy Birthday, Part 2

Happy Birthday, Part 2 is an anime episode of Sket Dance that was released on 03/01/2012

Happy Birthday, Part 2 - "Happy Birthday kōhen" (Happy Birthday 後編)

Angry at the world and surrounded by loneliness, Bossun finds himself at the place where his father was slain in a car accident. A young man appears and explains to Bossun why his father died. He gives Bossun, a letter and present from his father that was supposed to be given to Haru. When Bossun sees a young man bullied by delinquents, will Bossun follow his father's philosophy or will he just live for himself?

Plot Summary

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Taisuke listens to Ryosuke's last words
Taisuke listens to Ryosuke's last words

Akane is worry about Bossun, but Rumi reassures her that Bossun would be okay. Yet, Akane gives her an example where Bossun went out to get her a birthday gift. Rumi tells her that Bossun is her son in the end before she realizes the tea is too sweet. Meanwhile, Bossun walks aimlessly in the streets and arrives to the park where his father was slain in a car accident. A group of delinquents throw a can at Bossun which enrages Bossun. He tells them to apologize, and while they beat him, Bossun continues to yell at his father much to the delinquent's confusion. The crowd (and young Tsubaki) pass by Bossun. Then, a young man appears and threatens to call the police. While Bossun finish washing his face, the young man realizes that Bossun's face looks the man who died 15 years ago. He introduces himself as Taisuke and explains that Ryosuke died saving him from a car accident. Ryosuke informs Taisuke to give his birthday present to his wife, Haru, since Ryosuke is on the verge of death. Before dying, he regrets not telling his wife, Akane, or his child, and then, he tells Taisuke his last advice.

Ryosuke: If someone is in trouble, don't just walk on by
Ryosuke: If someone is in trouble, don't just walk on by

With the flashback ending, Taisuke finishes watering the flowers and tells Bossun that he has come here on the anniversary of the man's death because he hopes he meet someone who know Ryosuke. He hands Bossun the gift from his father. By the river, Bossun opens the present to find a cracked watch and a letter. As he reads the letter, he learns that his father was buying a watch for his mother's birthday (same day as Bossun) instead of playing Pachinko. On the second page, Bossun reads his father's message to Bossun about helping people. Bossun throws the bag and yells at his father for helping others, being a selfish martyr, and leaving his son. As Bossun is about to leave, he sees the boy (Sasuke) with the long eyelashes getting bullied by the delinquents before. He decides to leave, but his father convinces him to help others because he, himself, got through life with the help of his friends and family. Then, Bossun stands up to the bullies and yells at his father that he will help others. Although Bossun and Sasuke were defeated, Sasuke thanks Bossun for being brave and strong. He asks Bossun for his name; however, Bossun declines and leaves for his home.

Akane's Flashback

As Akane drives Haru to the hospital, Haru thanks Akane which causes Akane to break into tears. This causes Akane to get distracted as she swerves into a doctor's car traveling the opposite direction. The doctor finds Haru unconscious. At the hospital, the doctor's wife reveals that Bossun has been born safely. However, the doctor tells Akane that Haru had died. Akane states that she will raise Bossun because he is Haru and Ryosuke's precious treasure.

Back to Bossun's Flashback

Akane: Maybe you didn't come out of me, but my best friend gave birth to you, my son
Akane: Maybe you didn't come out of me, but my best friend gave birth to you, my son

Bossun arrive home and gets slapped by Akane. She cries while holding Bossun close to him. When Bossun asks Akane what is he to her, Akane states that Bossun is everything to her. Bossun accepts that Akane and Rumi are his mother and sister. He tells Akane that he is lucky that Akane is his mother and that everyone helped him. With Bossun's words, Akane thank Bossun for being born. Rumi comes home, and when Rumi asks Bossun for sweets, Bossun hands the sweet. Somehow, Rumi cries, too. With Bossun's birthday celebrated, Bossun narrates about making a club to help people. (Hime, Switch, and Sasuke make a cameo)

End of Flashbacks

Bossun and his crew are at a school festival. He teases Hime who is dressed as maid to serve food at a cafe. A mysterious man appears at the entrance of the school.

Closing Theme

"Message" by The Sketchbook

Points of Interest

  • Cameos: Hime, Switch, Masafumi, and Sawa make an appearance after Bossun gains closure with his mother and sister.
  • Timeline for Sket Dan's origin stories: Bossun's origin story occurs before Hime and Switch's origin stories. Switch's story is the last one.
  • Tsubaki does not know who his savior is due to his poor vision, and Bossun and he did not exchange names.
  • Beelzebub Reference: Bossun calls Hime, Hilda, due to her maid outfit and blonde hair.
  • Ryosuke and Akane thank Bossun for being born to him.
  • It looks like Rumi inherit her love of sweets from Akane. Rumi wanted a jumbo cream puff while Akane made Bossun get almond jelly.
  • In this episode, the opening theme song (Message by The Sketchbook) is used as the closing theme song.


Manga & Anime Differences

This episode covers chapters 84 to 86 of volume 10.

  • In the manga, the delinquents beat Bossun up immediately after Bossun tells them to apologize.
  • Altercations in Ryosuke's Death: In the manga, Ryosuke is seen saving Taisuke from a car. Compared to the manga, he is seen briefly before the car passes by. Only sounds of a crash is heard.
  • Change in Akane's scene: In the manga, she cries by kneeling on the floor before Bossun. Compared to the anime, she cries while grasping Bossun's shoulders.
  • Manga Only: Akane tells Bossun that she had a crush on Ryosuke and how Haru's death is her fault.


  • Ryosuke to Taisuke: "Become strong, somebody who can offer a helping hand to people who are in trouble."
  • Ryosuke: Friends are treasures. Help each other and value the bonds you have.
  • Akane: Maybe you didn't come out of me, but my best friend gave birth to you, my son.
  • Bossun: I'm alive through the help of a lot of people. I'm here now because you're here, mother. I'm glad you became my parent. I'm really lucky.

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Kenta Shinohara Original Concept The mangaka behind Sket Dance.
Keiichiro Kawaguchi Director Director for Hayate the Combat Butler and Moetan.
Manabu Nakatake Character Artist/Designer He's the staff behind character design in Sket Dance and other things like key animation editor in other franchises.
Shinichi Inotsume Series Composition He's does series composition in Sket Dance and screenplay or series composition in other franchises.
Shuhei Naruse Music He's the musician in Sket Dance and other franchises.


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