Happy Birthday, Part 1

Happy Birthday, Part 1 is an anime episode of Sket Dance that was released on 02/23/2012

Happy Birthday, Part 1 - "Happy Birthday zenpen" (ハッピーバースデーその1)

One day, Bossun discovers a box of video tapes in his mother's room. The videos show his young mother, a pretty woman named Haru, and a man who looks just like him...


Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Message" by The Sketchbook

Ryosuke calms Taisuke
Ryosuke calms Taisuke

Ryosuke finds out his wallet is missing, and then he sees the cat yawning. He thinks the cat is mocking him until Akane and Haru stop him from yelling at the poor thing. Haru has to go to work, and Akane scolds him for losing 50,000 yen. He explains that he is buying a camcorder that was on sale. As he and Akane glance at a child playing soccer, the soccer ball goes into the street with the child going after it. Suddenly, a car is about to hit him, but Ryosuke saves the child (Taisuke). The father rush to see his child who started to cry, and Ryosuke comforts him with candy. Later, Ryosuke looks at the ball that Taisuke gave him. Akane tells Ryosuke to be careful, but Ryosuke states that he had to save him. Otherwise, Taisuke would have died. Ryosuke jokes about dying, but Akane doesn't like it especially if Haru hears it. Then, Ryosuke loses the ball; it hits the elderly lady. Moments later, Ryosuke helps the elderly lady get to her home. The man (Mamoru) offers them, 1 million Yen, but Ryosuke declines the money. Though, Akane seems a bit saddened with Ryosuke's choice. On the streets, Ryosuke looks at his Joint Man doll that was his reward. He tells Akane that his roots are weak since he has no relatives. His only wish is leave something of him that shows people that he enjoys life.

With that said, Akane teases Ryosuke a bit about how he can raise money to but the camcorder. Ryosuke tells her that he might sell this doll which Akane doesn't think so. Out of nowhere, a nerdy man shout that it's the first edition doll. Both Ryosuke and Akane are shocked at this revelation. The nerdy man begs Ryosuke to give it to him, but Akane states that there should be a price for it. As the man goes through his wallet, Ryosuke realizes that it's his wallet. The nerdy man explains he bought a camcorder on impulse which is the one that Ryosuke was going to buy. Just as the man thought he was safe, Ryosuke and Akane decides to turn him in. Brief scenes of Haru, Ryosuke, and Akane are seen in film.

Bossun - Age 14 (2009)

Ryosuke and Haru's marriage
Ryosuke and Haru's marriage

Bossun is seen watching the film. He narrates about Akane, his father, and Haru. He goes into the closet to look for his art supplies, but a heavy box catches his eyes. He watches the tape and remembers that his mother did not talk about his father. He watched four tapes so far in the exact order out of nine tapes. One day, his mother comes in and notices the box. She asks him how far he watched before locking it up. When Bossun asks her about his father, she tells him that he's a worthless person without even telling him. Then, Rumi comes home and makes Bossun mad by asking him to bring pudding for her on the day of his birthday. Later, Bossun walks from the store to buy almond jelly for his mother as he thinks about how his mother divorced another man after Rumi was born. He gets suspicious a bit and looks for the tapes. Then, he decides to go through the photo albums and notices that there's an unusual skip. The next album has pictures of him as a baby. Also, he notes that there's not much photos of Akane and Ryosuke. A breakthrough occurs just before he starts to quit. He notices a photo of his mom. In the living room, he brings the suspicious photo and points out the date, August 13, 1994. He explains she's not pregnant by the time he was born on November 11, 1994. He asks her if she is really her mother. Akane gives the album to Bossun, and both he and Rumi look at the photos. Akane explains the truth to Bossun that Haru and Ryosuke are his biological parents, and how she met them. Later on, Akane hopes Ryosuke has lots of children after hearing his goals. When Rumi asked about Bossun's parents whereabouts, Akane explains of how they both died in separate car accidents in the same day, the day of Bossun's birth. For Haru, Akane drives Haru to the hospital, but they got into an accident. For Ryosuke, he dies when a car struck him with a soccer ball seen flying in the air. Upon hearing his parents' tragic death, Bossun runs from home and thoughts of loneliness are in his mind as he stares at the starry sky.

Closing Theme

"Party! Hallelujah! (パーリー!ハレルヤ!)" by SKET ROCK

Points of Interest

Young Ryosuke and Haru at orphanage
Young Ryosuke and Haru at orphanage
  • Ryosuke's Pun:"He's Taisuke, so you gotta save him (tasuke), you know?"
  • Akane likes money. For example, she sees the guy offering 1 million Yen to Ryosuke with her eyes having a glint. When Ryosuke denies the money, she gets a bit sad.
  • Ultimate Muscle Reference: The "Joint Man" doll looks like a character from Ultimate Muscle due to the hair and lips.
  • Sony Reference: The camcorder has the name "Tony" which seems like "Sony."
  • Akane is a bad driver when Bossun notices her failing the driving test in the 4th tape.
  • Akane likes almond jelly.
  • Name of the Orphanage is Sunny Garden.
  • The child that Ryosuke saved from the car is Taisuke.
  • Ryosuke and Akane both lived in the orphanage:

  1. Ryosuke was abandoned at birth.

  2. Haru lost her parents at age two.


Manga & Anime Differences

This episode covers chapters 81 to 83 of volume 10.

Changes in Ryosuke and Haru's orphanage
Changes in Ryosuke and Haru's orphanage
  • Manga Exclusive Scenes: The anime did not include an extended orphanage story with Ryosuke and Haru's conversation. Also, the anime did not have the scene where Akane cries as she drives Haru to the hospital. This causes Akane to get into a car accident. The driver she crashes into is the doctor of that hospital.
  • There's no soccer ball in the manga version of the event where Ryosuke was killed in a car accident.
  • Cat: The cat in the manga is a calico type. In the anime, the cat has a solid fur color.
  • Scene Altercations: In the manga, Akane sees Bossun looking at photos. Compared to the anime, Akane sees Bossun watching the tape.
  • The photo albums in the manga and anime are different.
  • Bossun's birthday: In the manga, Bossun was born on 1992. In contrast, the anime has him born on the 1994.


  • Ryosuke: "My roots here are really weak, you know? I ain't got any relatives. I'm not gonna say this is the only reason, but I just kind of wanted to leave something about me behind. Something that shows people me, enjoying life!"
  • Ryosuke and Akane: "The world does work that way!"

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Kenta Shinohara Original Concept The mangaka behind Sket Dance.
Keiichiro Kawaguchi Director Director for Hayate the Combat Butler and Moetan.
Manabu Nakatake Character Artist/Designer He's the staff behind character design in Sket Dance and other things like key animation editor in other franchises.
Shinichi Inotsume Series Composition He's does series composition in Sket Dance and screenplay or series composition in other franchises.
Shuhei Naruse Music He's the musician in Sket Dance and other franchises.


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