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Based on Visual Novel of same name, Happiness! revolves around a boy named Yuma Kohinata, and his magical girlfriends.

Plot Summary

In a world where magic exist and people are familiar with it, there is a high school named Mizuhosaka Academy which divided into two section, regular section and magic section. Unlike the regular section, the magic section is filled with mages and also teaches magic.

The story revolves around the boy named Yuma Kohinata, who was in regular section with his friends Hachisuke Takamizo and Jun Watarase. Staying in the regular section of the school, and hanging out with his friends was daily routine of his like until some mysterious explosion occurs at the magic section building, forcing the magic section students to have classes in the regular classes. As part of emergency transfer program, Haruhi Kamisaka joins Yuma's class who just happened to give him a chocolate as Valentine's Day present thinking that Yuma is the boy she has been searching for.


Yuma Kohinata - Main protagonist of the show. Even tough he was able to use magic when he kid to help others, he ends up not able to uses because his real mother sealed his memory about him using magic.

Haruhi Kamisaka - Main female character, she is a mage and very skilled at using it. When she was younger she was helped by Yuma when she was being bullied which inspired her to become a mage. Ever since then she had crush on Yuma and was searching for him

Anri Hiiragi - Haruhi's best friend in the magic section of Mizuhosaka Acadamy. Unlike Harushi she uses magic whenever it's convenient for her but end up causing troubles.

Koyuki Takamine - Good friend of Haruhi and Anri even though she is one year above them. She is also daughter of principle, which lets her have her own club with her being only member. She specialize in fortune telling magics.

Sumomo Kohinata - Yuma's younger sister but not related by the blood. She became Yuma's sister when Kohinata family adopted Yuma in their elementary years.

Hachisuke Takamizo - Yuma's friend along with Jun. Perverted and speaks on his mind when it come to girl.

Jun Watarase - Another friend of Yuma. Despite his very feminine appearance, he is in fact a boy who cross dresses like a girl, and often refer himself as girl and group himself with other girls.

Theme Song

Opening Theme

Happiness by Ayumi Murata

Ending Theme

Magical Generation by Yui Kakakibara

Series Credits
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General Information Edit
Name Happiness!
Name: はぴねす!
Romaji: Hapinesu!
Publisher Artland Animation Studio
Start Year 2006
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