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Hao Asakura's followers is a anime/manga concept
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"Big Guy" Bill Burton

He is a shaman and a follower of Hao Asakura. Big Guy Bill is a former American football player.


An anime only character who is a follower of Hao's group. He is a shaman who hates Yoh and loves Hao.

Blocken Meyer

He is a shaman who is one of Hao's followers.

BoZ monks (Zen and Ryo)

BoZ monks are shamans who uses their guitar and music to send spirits into the afterlife, and their oversoul is an army of Chimimouryou.

Boris Tepes Dracula

He is a shaman who has vampiric powers and his ghost is a vampire hunter named Blamuro.

Hang Zang-Ching

He is a shaman and one of Hao's followers.

Hao Asakura

Main Antagonist of Shaman King. He is a powerful shaman who mastered the pentagram and has control over his soul during reincarnation.

Kanna Bismarch

One of Hao's followers. She is the leader of the team Hanagumi. Her spirit ally is Ashcroft.

Kouji Yamada

Kouji is one of Hao's followers.

Luchist Lasso

A key ally of Hao Asakura, a former member and founder of the X-Laws


Magna is one of the Patch Officiants and one of Hao's followers.

Marion Phauna

One of the members of the Hana-gumi. She is known as the Doll Master.

Matilda Matisse

She is a member of the team "Hana-gumi" (flower), one of Hao's followers.

Mohamed Tabarsi

He is a shaman and one of Hao's followers.


She is the most trusted of Hao's followers and is similar in height to Manta Oyamada.

Peyote Diaz

He is a shaman who is one of Hao Asakura's followers and he is a ruthless person who treats his own teammates like dirt and objects.

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