Hancock's Confession - The Sisters' Abhorrent Past

Hancock's Confession - The Sisters' Abhorrent Past is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 08/30/2009

Amazon Lily Arc

Hancock's Confession - The Sisters' Abhorrent Past - ハンコックの告白 姉妹の忌まわしき過去 (Hankokku no Kokuhaku - Shimai no Imawashiki Kako)

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Luffy shows his true worth and earns the trust of Amazon Lily's empress, Boa Hancock. She tells him of the truth of the mark on her back, and why she'd rather die then her real past to ever be exposed.
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Episode Synopsis

The fight is over and the arena of Amazon Lily has been evacuated. Luffy is still covering Sandersonia's back. Now that it's empty, Luffy jumps off her back. They both change back to human form and apologize to their sister. Luffy asks if Hancock is next to fight him. She declines, and Luffy checks the stone Margaret for damage. Luffy asks Hancock to change her and her friends back to normal.

She says she can, but she gives Luffy an ultimatum. She knows he wants to leave the island to find his friends. She tells him that he has to choose. Either change Margaret and the others back, or a ride off Amazon Lily.

Boa Hancock seems sure that Luffy will show the real side of a man and choose himself over these people he just met. To everyone's surprise. Luffy drops to his knees with a huge grin and thanks Boa for saving these girls.

Granny Nyon, who is still in the stands, reflects on how Luffy didn't hesitate for a second.

Boa Hancock walks down to the lower level as Luffy grins at her happily. Outside the Kuja Amazons are waiting, when out walks a resorted Margaret, Sweatpea, and Aphelandra. They aren't sure what all happened.

Rindo asks what happened to the man. She says that all she knows is that he was summoned to the castle.

In the castle Luffy and the younger Boa sisters are in Hancock's room. Luffy is expecting an after battle meal. Sandersonia thanks Luffy. Marigold says they would have to leave Amazon Lily if what is on their back was ever seen.

From behind the curtains, Hancock tells Luffy to enter. She's sitting there topless, He asks why she's not wearing anything, but is more disappointed not to see any food. He's completely unaffected but her nude body. Hancock seems a bit insulted.

Hancock is very apprehensive, but she shows Luffy the mark on her back again. She asks where he has seen this before, as he mentioned it back in the bath. Luffy looks, but he has a hard time remembering.

Luffy says it's different then the one his friend Hatchan has on his forehead.

Nyon appears in the room and tells Hancock to tell Luffy the whole story of how she got that mark. Nyon recognizes Luffy, but he's surprised she knows his name. Nyon announces how she read in the paper that Luffy had struck one of the Celestial Dragons.

The Boa sisters are in complete shock that Luffy would be something like that. He announces proudly that he struck that get for what he did to his friend.

Shaking, Hancock demands to know if the story is true. She starts to cry and is surprised that there are still people in this world foolish enough to do something like that. It reminds her of someone else.

Luffy asks who that person was, and she agrees to tell him everything. She says the mark on her back is called "The Claw of the Celestial Dragon". The symbol of the Celestial Dragons. It's a mark that they put on all their slaves to brand them as subhuman. All three of the sisters were once slaves of the Celestial Dragons.

When Hancock was twelve years old. Both her and her sisters were abducted from the Kuja Pirates ship, The Yuda. They were sold into slavery and bought by the Celestial Dragons. They were tortured and given the brands on their backs. Sandersonia breaks down screaming from the memories. Lufy says she doesn't have to say anymore if it's going to hurt them, but Hancock continues.

All they wished for was death until four years later. No one had ever dared challenege the Celestial Dragons until someone climbed the Red Line bare handed to the home of the Celestial Dragons, Marie Jois. An adventurer who led the Fishman Pirates, Fisher Tiger. He attacked the Celestial Dragons. Though he hated humans. He freed all the slaves, both fishman and human. It didn't matter. Thousands were freed that night. Three of them were the Boa Sisters.

many of the Fishmen who escaped that night joined his Sun Pirates crew. He covered the brand of the Celestial Dragons with a sun design.

All members of the Sun Pirates got this mark if they were slaves or not.

Nyon says that Fisher Tiger died long ago, and his crew fractured into smaller groups. Pirates such as the Arlong Pirates.

Hancock tells Luffy that her and her sisters were forced to eat Devil Fruits for the entertainment when they were slaves. The one she ate was the Love-Love Fruit. She says if the truth about their backs was to get out. They would have to leave the island. She doesn't care if she has to deceive her entire nation. She doesn't want anyone knowing about their real past. She screams that she never want to be taken advantage of again, and breaks down crying.

Nyon smiles that it's been so long since she;s seen Hancock or the others show any true emotions. Hancock tries to attack her by calling her a traitor for leaving the island, but it was because she left that she found her and her sisters in order to return them to Amazon Lily.

Hancock is hesitant, but asks Luffy if he will look down on her for being a former slave. Luffy doesn't understand. he just hates the Celestial Dragons.

Hancock laughs and wipes away her tears. A smile on her face, She tells Luffy that she likes him. She will give him what he needs to leave.

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