Hanasaku Iroha Characters

Hanasaku Iroha is an anime series in the Hanasaku Iroha franchise
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Denroku Sukegawa

Sometimes called "Beanman". Denroku helps out around the Kissuiso Inn, his job is something like that of a caretaker or custodian. He doesn't speak much, but has a knack of knowing when to help others.

Enishi Shijima

Enishi is the older brother to Ohana. He is rather cheerful and joking, but also takes work at the inn seriously.

Eri Mizuno

Classmate of Nako Oshimizu. She is an artist and does paintings. She is fairly soft-spoken.

Kayoko Oshimizu

Nako's mother

Kenji Hiwatari

Kenji is the head manager of the Fukuyo Inn. Kenji tries to raise his son, Yosuke, to take over management of the Inn in the future.

Kouichi Tanemura

Kouichi is Ohana's best friend, they've been friends for a long time. Kouichi is particularly sad that Ohana is leaving because all this time Kouichi has been in love with her.

Mana Oshimizu

Nako's younger sister.

Minko Tsurugi

Minko is a rather serious teenage girl and seems to be rather cold at times. She works as a cook-in-training at the Kissuiso. She is friends with Nako who also works there.

Nako Oshimizu

Nako is a very shy teenage girl, who loves swimming and caring for her younger siblings. She works as a waitress at the Kissuiso.

Ohana Matsumae

Ohana is an energetic 16 year old girl. Since her mother and boyfriend are having financial difficulties, Ohana is sent to live with her grandmother who owns a hot spring inn. Little does she know what struggles await her.

Renji Togashi

Renji is the head chef at the Kissuiso Inn. He is often calm and collected. But he has trouble coping when he is under a lot of pressure to cook well.

Satsuki Matsumae

Satsuki is Ohana's mother. She spends a lot of time working at home. She has a boyfriend. Even though she still cares about Ohana, a lot of the time Satsuki's personal life comes first, leaving Ohana to rely on herself.

Shigeko Wakaru

The madam manager of the Fukuya Inn. Yuina's mother.

Sui Shijima

Sui is the grandmother of Ohana. She owns a hot spring inn called the Kissuiso. She is very concerned with always treating customers with the best service the inn has to offer. She expects the people around to work to achieve the same goal.

Takako Kawajiri

Takako is a management consultant who visits the Kissuiso Inn. She is Enishi's longtime partner.

Tamio Oshimizu

Nako's father.

Tarou Jiroumaru

An aspiring author who is staying at Kissuiso. He tends to be very demanding, but this is just to cover his own inability as a writer.

Tetsuo Isami

Tetsuo is a movie production manager. He talks with the staff of the Kissuiso in order to make sure the movie is made smoothly.

Tomoe Wajima

Tomoe Wajima works as a hostess at the Hot Spring Inn owned by Sui Shijima. She is friendly, cheerful, energetic and has a joking nature.

Tomoya Oshimizu

Nako's younger brother.

Tooru Miyagishi

The assistant chef that works at the Kissuiso. He often berates Minko for her sloppy cooking. He can sometimes seem unnecessarily impatient with others.

Yosuke Hiwatari

Yosuke is the head clerk of the Fukuyo Inn. He is childhood friends with Yuina, and is her fiancé. He always says how he still has a lot to learn.

Yuina Wakaru

Yuina Wakaru is the daughter of the woman who owns the Fukuya Inn. She likes to go out and have fun. She goes to the same school as Ohana.

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