Hanasaku Iroha

Hanasaku Iroha is an anime series in the Hanasaku Iroha franchise
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When 16 year old Ohana Matsumae's mother decides to run away with her boyfriend, Ohana is sent to live and work with her taskmistress of a grandmother at an onsen ryokan (hot spring hotel).


The series follows Ohana Matsumae and the staff of the Kissuiso Inn. The Kissuiso is an old-fashioned japanese hot spring inn that is run by Sui Shijima, Ohana's grandmother. Sui Shijima always wants the best for her customers, and expects Ohana and the staff to work as hard as she does to uphold the Kissuiso name.

Ohana having moved from Tokyo, initially has trouble adapting to the lifestyle of working as a waitress at the Inn. As the series progresses, Ohana, along with the rest of the cast, learn to overcome various family, love and work-related challenges. Together, the Kissuiso team learn the real value of work and dedication.


Below are a few of the many characters in Hanasaku Iroha with brief bios about them.

Ohana Matsumae

Ohana Matsumae
Ohana Matsumae

Ohana is An energetic young girl from Tokyo and somewhat stubborn. Since Ohana lived alone with her mother ( Satsuki Matsumae) for much of her childhood, Ohana learned to cook and clean very early on. The way she was brought up led her to want to become more independent. As the series progresses she makes friends at the Kissuiso and school, and learns the value of hard work.

Sui Shijima

Sui Shijima
Sui Shijima

Sui is the owner of the Kissuiso Inn. She values and treats all customers with respect and the best service possible. She can sometimes come off as strict or cold toward the staff, especially her granddaughter Ohana. However deep down she is a really caring person.

Minko Tsurugi

Minko Tsurugi
Minko Tsurugi

Minko is a teenage girl with black hair. She is an apprentice chef working at the Kissuiso. She has a crush on the assistant chef, Tooru Miyagishi. Minko takes her chef training seriously and is very apologetic and hard on herself when she screws up a dish. She does not get along with the Ohana initially.

Nako Oshimizu

Nako is a shy and timid teenage girl who works as a waitress along with Ohana and Tomoe at the Kissuiso. Despite being fairly soft-spoken, she pays attention to detail and does a good job servicing customers. Nako is also a talented swimmer. She lives at home with her two parents and a number of younger siblings who she helps take care of. She works hard to overcome her shyness.

Enishi Shijima

Takako and Enishi
Takako and Enishi

Enishi is Sui's son (and Satsuki's younger brother) who helps Sui manage the Kissuiso. Enishi along with his partner, Takako, often think up plans together to try bringing in more revenue for the Kissuiso. However, Sui is often against these plans. Enishi is hard working and wants to live up to Sui's expectations and some day make her proud enough to allow him to take over management of the Kissuiso after she is gone. However, Enishi's 'plans' usually don't turn out well, and he is somewhat clumsy when it comes to working under pressure or fixing mistakes.

Music Themes

Opening Themes:

"Hana no Iro" by nano.RIPE

"Omokage Warp" by nano.RIPE

Ending Themes:

"Hazy" by Sphere (episodes 2-5, 7, 9-10, 12-13)

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Toshiya Shinohara
Masahiro Ando
Mari Okada
Shiro Hamaguchi
Kanami Sekiguchi
Takashi Kojima
Jin Aketagawa
Junji Nishimura

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Name Hanasaku Iroha
Name: 花咲くいろは
Romaji: Hana-Saku Iroha
Publisher P.A. Works
Start Year 2011
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Aliases The color of the flower which is beginning to bloom
Blooming Flowers ABC
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