Hana Katsuragi

Hana Katsuragi is a anime/manga character in the The Qwaser of Stigmata franchise
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Acting as Miyuri's sidekick, Hana assists her in bullying Mafuyu and Tomo in addition to hiding either lolicon or homosexual feelings for Ekaterina "Katja" Kurae.

Hana is a somewhat side-character that is often used as comic relief due to her masochistic tendencies and secret lolicon/homosexual relationship with Ekaterina "Katja" Kurae. She shows up frequently despite her small roles and is occasionally took advantage of by opposing Qwasers in order to force Ekaterina into taking action against other Qwasers.

In public and at the start of the series, Hana acts as a second-in-command to Miyuri Tsujidou, making snide off-handed comments to bully Mafuyu and Tomo in support of Miyuri's actions or taking action herself, such as tipping trash on the floor and forcing Tomo to clean it up. Apparently, she also keeps delinquents and other gang members away from the school, due to her running a female gang of her own.

However, when Ekaterina Kurae, or Katja, arrives as a Russian Exchange Student, similar to that of Alexander "Sasha" Herr, Miyuri decides to take her under her wing so she can be more popular in taking care of Katja. While Miyuri speaks to Katja, Hana feels some strange attraction towards Katja, something she says she has been trying to hide for a long time, hinting that she is either a lolicon or a homosexual.

Katja picks up on this, and while out shopping with Miyuri for clothes, she feigns unconciousness to which Hana, and after trying to shake her awake, Hana kisses Katja on the arm with an implied intention of taking advantage of her.

Katja uses this event to blackmail Hana into being her sexual slave and soma doner, to which Hana secretly enjoys, though is reluctant to admit it. She is highly loyal to Ekaterina despite being subjected to various methods of bondage, and her subjication to this has also given her a skill in binding and restraining people skilfully with rope and other bondage-related skills.

Her attitude towards Mafuyu, Tomo and Miyuri remains mostly the same, however her attempts at bullying the former have dwindled and she no longer takes such a big role in it, and when she does it is easily foiled by Alexander.

Even though she tries to avoid them, Hana still manages to get caught up in several Qwasers schemes, being used to manipulate Katja and being put in life-threatening danger often, such as being captured by the Qwaser of Oxygen, Yuu Kuchiba, and being sexually abused by him in an attempt to antagonize Katja; an event that is highly successful.

She also shows she can be quite brave in dire circumstances, after being tortured by Yuu she then runs through a ring of fire created by his manipulation of Oxygen to pick up a battered Katja and run across the town in a highly revealing and erotic cat girl outfit to beg Mafuyu, Tomo and Alexander to save Katja's life.

Voiced by
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Yōko Hikasa
General Information Edit
Name: Hana Katsuragi
Name: 桂木華
Romanji: Katsuragi Hana
Gender: Female
1st manga book: The Qwaser of Stigmata #1
1st anime episode: The Qwaser of Stigmata #1
1st anime movie:
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