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    LOL wow that's all I can say things spun out of control a bit there towards the end lol

    I am still laughing though the increased discomfort level as that guys rant went on lol.

    While the info portion went off track the entertainment value was high lol. =)

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    Some questions I have. Why do people pronounce Naruto as "Na-rut-o" and not the more proper "Na-ru-to". That's a bigger problem than Bijou messing with kid's minds. Wait a second. Bijou and Bijuu sound pretty similar. Coincidence?....Yes, becasue in Japan she was called "Ribon-chan".

    If you really want to warp someone's mind. I know a hentai I saw that I wish I could wipe from my mind. I don't know what happened. The title seems innocuous enough, but then .... **flashbacks**. I'm not going to give the title. It was that bad.. I don't want to see anyone else hurt by that thing. That could be some life advice. What do you do to rehab after seeing something so shocking it scars the mind?

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