Hakuryuu Ren

Hakuryuu Ren is a anime/manga character in the Magi franchise
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Hakuryuu Ren is the fourth prince of the Kou Empire and the younger brother of Hakuei Ren in the Magi franchise.


Hakuryuu's family was killed by Al Sarmen and enemies within Kou Empire. When their home was on fire, his older brother splashed his blood over Hakuryuu to protect him. Despite that, Hakuryuu received burn marks over his face. Hakuryuu vowed to seek revenge against his family's murderers and to protect his older sister, Hakuei.


Hakuryuu and Hakuei Original Designs
Hakuryuu and Hakuei Original Designs

Hakuryuu Ren is created by Shinobu Ohtaka as one of the supporting characters. In the Blu-Ray volume 6, it is stated that Ohtaka had originally designed Hakuryuu as the older brother of Hakuei. His personality and appearance are still the same. His name in Japanese can be pronounced as Báilóng in Chinese.

He first appears in volume 3: chapter 25 and episode 5. He is voiced by Kensho Ono in the Japanese version while he is voiced by Darrel Guilbeau in the American version.


Hakuryuu has evolved in power and personality throughout the series. He goes from a serious yet respectful individual to a heartless and ruthless young man. Likewise, his power changes and grow. He loses his arm and needs to replace it with a wooden prosthetic, but has found pros to having it like using it for his Zaug Mobarenzo technique that otherwise would not be possible with a normal arm. He also gains a large increase in power when he conquers a Dungeon and captures a Djinn and again when he masters the Djinn.


Hakuryuu is a young man of average height and a lean build. He has light skin and long dark blue hair cut shorter in the front and blue eyes to match it. He has a prominent scar covering much of the left side of his otherwise soft looking face. As a Prince of the Kou Empire, Hakuryuu is typically seen wearing attire from his country but more ornate than the typical garb. His left arm is a wooden prosthetic due to an injury he received from Isnan.


Hakuryuu has always been a serious individual, but he became much darker as time passed. He is devoted to get revenge against his own mother Gyokuen Ren who was responsible for the deaths of their own family members. He adopted a ruthless "guilty until proven innocent" type of attitude, going so far as to kill a criminal mother right in front of her own children. In contrast, he is deeply committed to his older sister Hakuei.


  • Aladdin - Hakuryuu gets along with Aladdin much like Alibaba, but has little or no rivalry with the Magi like he does with Alibaba.
  • Alibaba - Alibaba is a bit of a rival for Hakuryuu. Not only both being warrior princes, but also in a rivalry for Morgiana, although Alibaba himself is unaware of this. Hakuryuu respects Alibaba and vice-versa, but he shows signs of envy for Alibaba's skill.
  • Morgiana - Despite Hakuryuu not showing any noteworthy signs before, he reveals to Morgiana that he had strong feelings for her and asked her to be with him. Morgiana respectfully declines and Hakuryuu accepts but did not entirely give up on the idea.
  • Hakuei - His beloved older sister. Hakuei is the only person that Hakuryuu could be called close to.
  • Gyokuen - Gyokuen his Hakuryuu's mother, however is the cause of Hakuryuu's malcontent and mission for revenge. He despises his mother greatly and strives to one day overthrow and kill her.

Story Arcs

Kouga Arc

Judar arrives at the Kou Empire Imperial Palace to meet with Hakuryuu. Hakuryuu tells Judar that he is disrupting his training, but Judar states that if Hakuryuu wanted to get stronger much faster, he would capture a Dungeon like his sister Hakuei.

Sindria Arc

The Emperor of the Kou Empire sent Hakuryuu to train in Sindria, ruled by King Sinbad. Hakuryuu arrived at the dock of Sindria where Sinbad was waiting for him. Hakuryuu introduces himself, stating his commitment to see Sindab regardless of his Father's wishes. But their bonding was put on hold by Hakuryuu's cousin Kougyoku, who got into a little quarrel with Sinbad over a misunderstanding that had happened before. It was quickly resolved when Kougyoku's subordinate confessed that he was the one responsible for the misunderstanding. Hakuryuu apologizes to Sinbad on behalf of his country and hunbly requested to be allowed to stay in Sindria which Sinbad agrees to do.

Hakuryuu requests Sinbad's help
Hakuryuu requests Sinbad's help

Later on, Hakuryuu is visited by Aladdin and Alibaba in his room. Hakuryuu thanks Aladdin for defending his sister in the past. He then asks for Aladdin to hear out a request from him, but is interrupted by a subordinate, informing them that Sinbad had summoned him. Sinbad showed Hakuryuu around the palace, talking along the way. Eventually Hakuryuu comes to a point he needed to make. That being his overall objective to destroy the Kou Empire. He requested that Sinbad help him in the endeavor. Sinbad was someone who did not approve of an Imperial Government, but politically it was risky for him to agree just yet, so he told Hakuryuu he could not give him an answer at that time. Instead, he suggested that Hakuryuu befriend Aladdin and Alibaba as a learning experience for him. Hakuryuu agreed to do so.

Hakuryuu and his cousin Kougyoku walk in on Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana during their training. Hakuryuu speaks of the Balbadd Kingdom, the country of Alibaba's royal roots and informs them that his older cousin Kouen was currently the overlord of Balbadd. Hakuryuu was prepared for Alibaba to despise him but Alibaba said he did not hate Hakuryuu since he had no involvement in the situation. Some time later, Sinbad sends Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana to conquer their second Dungeon. Hakuryuu pleads with Sinbad to accompany the trio. Sinbad was against the idea since Hakuryuu was royalty of a different country as was presently in his care, but gave in to Hakuryuu's request and allowed him to go.

Zagan Arc

Hakuryuu makes a promise to Tiare
Hakuryuu makes a promise to Tiare

Hakuryuu arrives at the Dungeon with his new allies. They encounter a young girl named Tiare who asked to go with them because her parents were inside the dungeon. Hakuryuu said it was too dangerous but he would rescue her parents. After entering the dungeon, Hakuryuu's group immediately encounter residents of the dungeon, but they soon discover that they are not hostile. Morgiana finds a promising pathway, and the group decide to follow it.

The groups are soon split apart, Aladdin with Alibaba and Hakuryuu with Morgiana. This was in fact devised by Zagan, the Djinn of the dungeon. Hakuryuu was concerned that he was paired with the girl of the group and takes on a protector role for Morgiana. But despite an initial impressive performance against the beasts of the dungeon, Hakuryuu is quickly exhausted and left vulnerable. However, Morgiana easily crushed their opponents, much to Hakuryuu's extreme embarrassment. The two teams convene again, but Zagan announces he will take them on himself. The team falls into Zagan's trap and fall through a trapdoor. Morgiana comes to the rescue again and in her desperation, unlocked her household vessel Amol Selseila. She used it to rescue her friends, then goes after Zagan alone. She takes on Zagan and puts up a fight, but eventually falls due to consuming too much of her Magoi, but not before igniting Zagan and seemingly ending the battle in a draw. It was later revealed though that this was not the true Zagan.

After Hakuryuu recovered he took the fallen Morgiana with him but they bump into a trio who also were after Zagan. Aladdin took on the strongest, Dunya Musta'sim while Alibaba took on Isaac. Hakuryuu tried to help but was of no use. Nevertheless, Alibaba took advantage of the commotion beheaded the third enemy Isnan. After a troublesome battle, Aladdin outwitted Dunya and killed her, and thus Isaac as well since he was merely a doll controlled by Dunya, but Aladdin being his typical merciful self, saved Dunya from Depravity using Solomon's Wisdom. However they failed to notice a snake that slithered out of Isnan's headless body.

The group reached Zagan's chamber, the final step to acquiring him. Once there, Zagan made his choice as to who his master would be. He picked Hakuryuu, but not before stating that Alibaba was actually more worthy of him. And thus, Hakuryuu finally obtained a Djinn, but before that, Zagan freed all of the humans that were currently trapped in the Dungeon. But right as they left, Hakuryuu was bitten by the snake that slipped out of Isnan's body, but Hakuryuu did not know of it's strange origin at the time. He eventually passed out in his exhaustion.

When Hakuryuu awoke right outside of the Dungeon, he was startled to find his team under attack by members of Al-Sarmen. Alibaba was already unconscious with Aladdin and Hakuryuu quick to also be incapacitated. Morgiana was the last one standing and she defended her allies to the furthest extent she could, but was brutally beaten, allegedly to the point of having her ovaries crushed. But as they were about to be murdered, their teachers Masrur, Yamuraiha and Sharkkan rushed in to their rescue, mercilessly killing the members of Al- Sarmen, and they took their disciples and Hakuryuu back to Sindria to recover.

Powers & Abilities


  1. Bisento - Hakuryuu has demonstrated great skill in wielding a polearm, specifically a bisento, in combat. A bisento is a long pole weapon with a curved blade at the end. It is Hakuryuu's first Djinn Metal during Zagan and World Exploration arc.
  2. Guandao - Later in Magnostadt arc, Hakuryuu's weapon has changed from a bisento to a Guandao, which is essentially a metal rod with a blade at either end. Like how Alibaba's Djinn had moved from his old sword to a dagger given by Sinbad, Zagan is now housed in this current weapon.

Qi Manipulation

Using the knowledge he had acquired from Yambala Gladiators, he can manipulate his Qi and coat his bisento in order to strengthen his attacks. This is also called as Magoi manipulation.



Hakryuu conquered the 61st Dungeon and acquired Zagan the Djinn. It allows Hakuryuu to manipulate Earth and life. It is also the Djinn of Purity and Loyalty.


Hakuryuu's household is comprised of numerous unnamed creatures derived from Zagan.

Metal Vessel:

Hakuryuu's current Djinn Metal Vessel is a Guandao.


Zaug Mobarenzo:

Using his wooden prosthetic arm, Hakuryuu shoot dragon shaped wood shards at his opponents. They are animated due to Zagan's power and can bite the target.

Zaug Al-Adhra:

Similar to Zaug Mobarenzo but the projectiles are not derived from his wooden ar. Instead using the power of Zagan, Hakuryuu launches several small monsters at the intended target.

Djinn Equip:

Hakuryuu's Full-body Djinn Equip
Hakuryuu's Full-body Djinn Equip

Initially, Hakuryuu was only capable of performing a half body Equip. Now he can perform a Full Djinn equip. In this state, Hakuryuu combines with the Djinn Zagan itself and his abilities are amplified accordingly. Whenever Hakuryuu swings his guando, plant-based monsters follow. He also gains greater and easier manipulation of nature around him.

Other Media

  • Hakuryuu makes a debut in the Magi Labyrinth of Magic, The New Frontier, a Nintendo 3DS video game developed by Bandai.
Voiced by
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Kensho Ono
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Name: Hakuryuu Ren
Name: 練白龍
Romanji: Ren Hakuryū
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic #3
1st anime episode: Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic #5
1st anime movie:
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