Hakuei Ren

Hakuei Ren is a anime/manga character in the Magi franchise
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Hakuei Ren is the first princess of the Kou Empire in the Magi series.


Hakuei is the third child an of Hakutoku, the First Emperor of the Kou Empire, and the Empress, Gyokuen. As a child, Hakuei's father and two of her brothers were killed by a fire. It is discovered later in Hakuei's life that her own mother Gyokuen plotted for this to happen. After the assassination, Gyokuen told Hakuei and her only remaining brother Hakuryuu, that the new Emperor Koutoku, who was her uncle and Hakutoku's brother, would adopt them as his own and Gyokuen remained Empress, now with her own husband's brother.

At some point after those unfortunate events, Hakuei conquered a Dungeon alongside her subordinate Seishun Ri, acquiring the Djinn Paimon in the process.


Hakuryuu and Hakuei Original Designs
Hakuryuu and Hakuei Original Designs

Hakuei Ren is created by Shinobu Ohtaka as a supporting character. In Ohtaka's early designs, Hakuei was drawn as Hakuryuu's younger sister. No comments on why she made the change for Hakuei's current character design. Her name can be pronounced as Báiyīng in Chinese.


Not much has changed about Hakuei since her introduction. She continues to hold her rather pacifistic views.


Ren Hakuei
Ren Hakuei

Ren Hakuei is a young attractive woman of average height and build. She has fair skin with long black hair. She has a small scar on her left cheek extending down to her chin. As a Princess of the Kou Empire, she is normally wearing Kou style clothing but far more ornate than the typical attire.


Ren Hakuei is idealistic and not an advocate of violence. She will however fight and kill if necessary. She is a kind princess even among her siblings, the majority of whom are ambitious and somewhat ruthless.


  • Hakuryuu Ren - Her only surviving brother. They care deeply for one another, and Hakuei is perhaps the only person that Hakuryuu truly loves.
  • Seishun Ri - Her right hand subordinate, and probably Hakuei's best friend. She is very loyal to Hakuei and captured the 9th Dungeon of Paimon with Hakuei. She was the only subordinate of Hakuei present not to turn on her during the events of the Kouga Clan submission.
  • Paimon - Hakuei's Djinn and primary source of power. She swore allegiance to Hakuei and is very friendly with her.

Story Arcs

Kouga Arc

Hakuei appears for the first time when she helps Aladdin who was dealing with an out of control horse. She was with her two subordinates Seishun Ri and Ryosai. Hakuei Ren. The Kouga Clan, independent of any monarchy was present and Aladdin was temporarily staying with them. Hakuei introduced herself to them and asked that the Kouga clan join under the Kou Empire. However, they quickly refuse when but they refuse when Ryosai hits Toya for the audacity to offer the princess horse milk. A full on confrontation was avoided but Hakuei and her subordinates departed for the day back to their camp. Aladdin slips out of the Kouga camp and sneaked into Hakuei's tent to speak to her. After a talk, Aladdin decided that Hakuei was trustworthy.

Some time later, some of Hakuei's troops were struck down by arrows. Hakuei was informed by Ryosai that the Kouga Clan was responsible for the deed. Hakuei was not so naive to simply believe what she heard. She went back to the Kouga Clan with Seishun to speak with them directly. However they are quickly ambushed by angry Kouga members. They were of the belief that Hakuei's troops had attacked Baba, their Clan leader. Hakuei realized what was going on, and became furious at her troops. But Baba appeared, despite having a recent arrow wound. Baba then declares that the Kouga Clan would join the Kou Empire, the to displeasure and shock of most of the Kouga Clan.

When Hakuei returns to camp, her suspicions come to light as she is attacked by her own army. It was Ryosai who led a coup and was the instigator of the attacks on the Kouga Clan. Hakuei unleashes her Djinn powers and takes on the Battalion with Seishun being her only ally. Despite her valiant efforts, the army proved to be too large for Hakuei to overcome and she is captured. Ryosai prepares to execute Hakuei, but he is interrupted by Aladdin's timely arrival. Ryosai takes on Aladdin but loses badly. After the battle was over, Hakuei explained that she had conquered a Dungeon and now could call upon the Power of the Djinn Paimon. Seishun being a member of her Djinn household also could use some of the power. Aladdin touches Hakuei's Metal Vessel and Paimon emerges. He then summoned his own Djinn Ugo and the two Djinn have a private conversation that could not be heard by Hakuei, Aladdin or Seishun.

Pirates Arc

Hakuei is only seen in Hakuryuu's memories when he was remembering the events surrounding the murder of their father and two brothers.

World Exploration Arc

Hakuei travels to the Kou Empire with her loyal vassal Seishun, and over 100 of the Kouga Clan, her new subordinates and all members of her Household. Once there, Koumei is surprised that she arrived so quickly and at how many people she was travelling with. Hakuei explained that they were members of the Kouga Clan who had agreed to join the Kou Empire. They had also become a part of her Household since Paimon was a reproducing Djinn and had endowed them all with Household Vessels, hence why her Household was abnormally huge. Hakuryuu also appears with his smaller Household. Hakuei had noticed the personality change in her brother and was concerned. They enter the Imperial Palace and are shortly followed by their Cousin Kouen, the believed to be Crown Prince, and Hakuei bows before him.

Later that night, Hakuei and Hakuryuu meet with Kouen. Kouen said he wanted to speak with Hakuryuu about something. He spoke of the Legendary King Solomon, the creator of the metal vessels. He proclaimed that when the world became one, it would need one ruler. He asked Hakuryuu and Hakuei to support him in his endeavor to be that ruler.

The following morning, Hakuei, her brother and all their cousins, Kouen, Kouha and the rest went to the funeral of Koutoku Ren, the recently passed Emperor of Kou. Gyoukuen Ren, the Empress was there to meet them. Hakuei became concerned when Gyoukuen explained that Koutoku had been ill for some time but suddenly became worse and died, most likely because there was mistrust surrounding Gyoukuen. Surely enough, Gyoukuen took the throne of the Kou Empire rather than Kouen, who everyone had expected to succeed the throne. There was strong animosity in the air, but an immediate conflict was avoided. However, the Court was divided into two factions. Those that supported Kouen, and the followers of Gyoukuen. Hakuei tried to convince her mother not to take the throne, but Hakuryuu interrupted her and said that he supported his mother in her succession. Hakuei was startled at this, as well as the degree of support that Gyoukuen had in the court.

When the ceremony was finished, Hakuei asked Hakuryuu what his reason was for siding with their mother. After the funeral, Hakuei goes after Hakuryuu and asks why he did such a thing. He said that he would protect Hakuei no matter what, then disclosed the secret about how their mother killed their father and siblings. Hakuei was shocked but as Hakuryuu suggested, she was already suspicious of their mother, as she had changed from how she was when they were younger. Hakuryuu also revealed she was connected with Al-Sarmen, the manipulators of the Kou Empire and the instigators of the Baalbad war. Hakuryuu says that they will defeat their mother and Al-Sarmen together, and that revenge was what drove him up to this point. Hakuei was visibly disturbed at Hakuryuu's demeanor. She said that Kouen would not support a civil war and after apologizing, stated that she would need some time to consider what to do.

Powers & Abilities


Hakuei is proficient in wielding a blade.


Hakuei and Paimon
Hakuei and Paimon

Paimon is the Djinn of the wind as well as Love and Chaos.


Paimon is a Djinn capable of having offspring and thus, Hakuei's household is huge, consisting of much of the Kouga Clan as well as Seishun Ri, Dorji, Bator and Boyan.

Metal Vessel:

Hakuei's Metal Vessel
Hakuei's Metal Vessel

Hakuei's Metal Vessel

Magul - Al - Hazard:

This technique creates a large tornado with abnormal destructive power.

Djinn Equip

Extreme Magic: Pa'ir - Al - Hazard:

Hakuei Djinn Equip
Hakuei Djinn Equip

When fully equipped with Paimon, this technique becomes usable. It is functionally the same as Magul - Al - Hazard, but larger and much more destructive.

Voiced by
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Nana Mizuki
General Information Edit
Name: Hakuei Ren
Name: 練白瑛
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic #3
1st anime episode: Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic #4
1st anime movie:
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