Hakkoh is a anime/manga character in the CANAAN franchise
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A borner with the ability to inflict brain damage with her voice, she's a cosplay waiter living under Santana's care

Hakkoh is a borner with the ability to inflict brain damage with her voice that used to live in the village attacked by the UA Virus. During the time her son was killed by the virus and she was captured with the other survivors who achieved extraordinary skills. She shared her cell with a young boy the same age as her son. Not knowing what had happened to her, she tried to comfort the crying boy but as she screamed at him asking what was wrong, his brain exploded and she knew. Santana who felt guilty for causing her so much misery and for putting her in the care of Snake decided to take her with him, not before pleading her freedom with Alphard, who granted it in the end. While he was pleading Liang Qi mocked Santana's noble actions and all too sweetly described the life they couldn't have because of Hakkoh's voice.

Together they went to Shanghai, where she works as a cosplay waitress in Santana’s bar. She falls in love with Santana, however she is never able to tell him her true feelings without hurting him which is why he remains ignorant of this and thinks she still hasn’t forgiven him for taking part in the destruction of her village.

One day she meets Minoru Minorikawa who leads her to meet Canaan, whom she blames because the experiments done in her village were done to artificially develop synesthesia.

Santana takes them all to a factory where Hakkoh’s village used to be. They’re attacked by a group of Zombie-like Umblooms and she separates from the group; she then learns that Liang Qi has captured Santana and proceeds to save him. She goes to Liang’s hideout and unleashes her voice to kill her, only to find out that Liang had fooled her and the person she was attacking was actually a restrained Santana camouflaged in Liang’s clothes. Santana asks her to tell him she loves him, at first she refuses but upon realizing that he had no hope of living she confesses her love, slowly killing him in the end.

She blames Canaan for the death of her lover and tries to kill her but is stopped by Minoru. She then hides herself in a room and makes love to Santana’s dead body where she continues to tell him she loved him even though she knows he's dead. Meanwhile the US and Chinese military proceed to attack the factory; Canaan tries to save her but she refuses to leave, she gives her Yunyun’s medicine before saying goodbye and dying during the attack. Hakkoh was crushed to death in her dead lover's arms.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Mamiko Noto
Emily Neves
General Information Edit
Name: Hakkoh
Name: ハッコー
Romanji: Hakko
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: CANAAN #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Hakko
Powers & Battle Rankings Edit
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Attractive Female
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Voice-induced Manipulation
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