Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo is an anime series in the Hajime no Ippo franchise
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Hajime no Ippo is story of highschool student Ippo Makunochi who was a weakling in his school and was often picked up by his class mates when one day he met a pro-boxer and this marked the beginning of his boxer life.

The main protagonist of the anime is Ippo Makunochi who often lives in school by himself as he cant make friends due to his inability to spend time with them after school hours as he was the only child of his widow mother and had to help her in the family business of fishing. He was extremely shy guy and weak to fight against his fellow classmates. As a result he was often picked up and bullied by everyone especially  Umezawa and his group. One day, while being bullied he was being beaten up them very hardly when a professional boxer Takamura saved him from them and brought injured Ippo to the boxing gym.  After Ippo woke to the sounds of boxers training n the gym, the boxer who saved him, Mamoru Takamura, tried to cheer Ippo up by letting him vent his frustrations on a sandbag. This made Ippo to happy and later after giving serious thought to it, he decided to learn boxing. He was fed up of his life as a weakling and wanted to know how it feels to be stronger. This mark the turning point of his life and the beginning of his career as a boxer. Later after highschool, he chose to become a professional boxer though he knew that he wont be finding enough money in it.

When Ippo took boxing as career, he didnt ger enough time for his family business as a result his mother was left for all the tasks. Later Umezawa, his high school classmate, after seeing the fightings of Ippo became a huge fan of him and decided to write a manga on him. For this he started helping his mother so that he could remain close to him. And by this, Ippo got some very good friends like his gym partners and Umezawa.

But being a boxer and just learning how to fight wasn't an easy task, he had to maintain his physical power and enhance his ability every time. On the course of his Professional Boxing Career, he had to fight various boxers of all over japan, to reach the finals and become the champion. The plot of Hajime No Ippo not only decribe the emotions and life of Ippo but of all the characters in the anime, including his rivals. Why they took up boxing as a career, what inspires them to give their heart and soul to win the match and every detail of their mind and thought. The character development is the main focus of the story and it makes the anime more and more interesting.
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General Information Edit
Name Hajime no Ippo
Name: (はじめの一歩
Publisher Kodansha
Start Year 1989
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Aliases The Fighting Ippo
Fighting Spirit
Knock Out
The Fighting!
The First Step
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