Hajime Hiura

Hajime Hiura is a anime/manga character in the Higashi no Eden franchise
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Dr. Hajime Hiura is a neurosurgeon in Japan and also Seleaco Number V.


Hajime Hiura was born in 1959 in Japan and has lived in its borders ever since. Not much is revealed about Hajime's past other than that he was at one point one of the most skilled and respected neurosurgeons in Japan and an accident claimed his ability to perform operations as neurosurgery requires precision to pull off for a patient. It is shown on a picture on his desk that he has three grandchildren but it is unknown if it is from a son or a daughter. Before the series began, he was deemed fit to become a member of the Selecao by Saizo Ato as having the necessary talent and skills to help Japan. As a member of the Selecao, he was given a cell phone with 10 billion yen and the identity of Selecao Number V.


Hajime Hiura was created by Kenji Kamiyama for the series Eden of the East. He makes his first appearance in Episode 4 True Reality, False Reality. He is voiced by Shinji Ogawa in the Japanese version and Kent Williams in the English version.

Character Evolution

As a doctor, Hajime has always felt an obligation to help people and save lives. Even as his age got the better of his abilities, he always pursued option that would allow him to help people. He came to the realization that one doctor can only do so much as this idea pushes him to spend his money in a way that will benefit people for years after he is gone as opposed to one at a time. He is helpful, kind, and optimistic, especially when Akira Takizawa comes to him for help in regards to his old life. Hajime is a figure that the entire community respects even after he is removed from the Selecao.

Major Story Arcs

When Akira is trying to regain pieces of the old life he had before he wiped his memories, he decides to turn to the other Selecao for help. Noticing an MRI machine was delivers to Hiura Memorial Hospital, he went there to find out more about himself. When Akira tells the receptionist at the hospital about it, she points him in Hajime's direction. While waiting, Akira finds a magazine that states that Hajime is under investigation for bribing high end government officials; a claim one of the elder patients scornfully dismisses. The two speak when Akira leaves a message as all he wants is answers. Hajime instructs him to take some medicine that a nurse gives him as he passes out.

When Akira wakes up, Hajime sets up a display that occurred when he became a Selecao. Akira listens, the event triggering a memory, as he realizes that he not on the phone with Mr. Outside but with Hajime. The two talk about how Hajime spent his money to build a medical community where people could work, get better, and thrive due to a trend of Japanese citizens abandoning the elderly. However, he feels guilty since he knows he had to break the law and bribed those government officials. Akira asks more about himself as Hajime confirms that he was responsible for the disappearance of 20,000 NEETs but what happened afterwards is a mystery. Hajime comforts Akira in that he knows he's a good person and didn't kill them.

As the two wrap their conversation up, Hajime reveals he is out of money and will be killed by the Supporter. Akira offers some of his money but Hajime politely refuses, stating that Akira will go on to something great. As he leaves, Hajime calls to thank Juiz for her help as she tells him that he did a great job and should be proud of his accomplishments. As he hangs up, the Supporter comes in as Hajime claims he's ready to die.

Other Media

Eden of the East I: King of Eden

In King of Eden, it is shown that Hajime is still alive after Yutaka Itazu conducted an investigation into the Selecao. Much to the surprise of the Eden group, Hiura was not killed as many suspected after he ran out of funds. Itazu reported that when he sat down with Hajime, he had no recollection of ever building a medical community or that his name was on the outside of the hospital. However, when finding out about it, he marvels in the fact and accepts that it must be true. Onee rightfully suggests that being eliminated from the Selecao means that the member's memories of their experiences in the Selecao are erased, as evident by Hajime still living.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Kent Williams
Shinji Ogawa
General Information Edit
Name: Hajime Hiura
Name: 火浦 元
Romanji: Hiura Hajime
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Eden of The East #4
1st anime movie: Eden of the East: King of Eden
Aliases Dr. Hiura
Director Hiura
Selecao Number V
Recent Movies
Eden of the East: King of Eden

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