Haibane Renmei

Haibane Renmei is an anime series in the Haibane Renmei franchise
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Originally a work of doujinshi by Yoshitoshi ABe, Haibane Renmei is a unique series that revolves around winged creatures known as "Haibane", or "ash feathers", that are given a limited but somewhat fulfilling life in the walled town of Glie.


The story takes place in a peaceful country filled with plains, forests and small towns. our story takes place in a town surrounded by huge walls that can not be opened to anyone except for the few. In the is town there are a special group of people called haibane which means ash feathers. They are a group of people that have wings like birds on their backs and a halo on their heads but unlike angels with while feathers their feathers are grey. Haibane choose to live a peaceful life in this town surrounded by walls helping their own and others they are not easily accepted in the normal society which is why they rake refuge in the outskirts of town living their lives separately. This story follows their everyday activities and bug events along with the arrival of a new haibane and the loss of many.


Rakka is our main character. she is also the new arrival at the haibane. Like all haibane she appears out of nowhere in a cocoon and after she hatches but not as a baby but various age groups. When you come out of the cannon you have mo memory where you came from, how old you are, or your new name. This character has trouble developing an character at first because of the questions she has about her past where she lived, why is she here, does she have a a family? (all of them unanswered). When she discovers that they are all like her she chooses to be open minded about her new life. She is given a name Rakka which means falling because in her cocoon she was dreaming about falling.
Reki is one of the older haibane and guides Rakka in her new life. she understands Rakka very easily because of her she knows how hard it is to fit in. Reki spends most of her time alone painting pictures usually inspired by her dreams. As bigger events appear we find out more and more about her dark past. She is an innocent young adult that due to her past she lives very laid back helping others trying to avoid trouble. She got the name Reki which means pebble from her first dream also.
Kuu is the youngest of the older haibane and is part of the first main event in the anime. He is rather calm and laid back like most characters in this anime but has a complex about being the youngest. His complex is about him being the youngest and wanting to be the oldest and more responsible about his actions and his friends. his name comes from the word air and has been a haibane for 2 years.
Nemu is the oldest of the haibane and a dear friend to Reki. She is very laid back and relaxed and sleeps most of the time, she also works in the town library. Nemu has many friends and cent simply leave any of them which is why she is the oldest. She has been a haibane for 9 years. Nemu's name means sleep.
Kana is a hard working, energetic young tomboy that likes to help others. she enjoys working in the clock tower with the clock mechanic and hopes to one day fix the clock tower at the haibane home. she has been a haibane for 3 years and got her name from the word river fish.
Hyoko is an old friend to Reki. he belongs to the second home for haibane at the abandoned factory. he dislikes his haibane features like his feathers and halo and hides them most of the time. the dark past he shares with Reki gives him a bad reputation and habits.
Hikari is a hard working, intelligent girl. she has a very important role in the haibane society and makes the hallo for all the haibane. Hikari also works in the bakery and plays an important role in most of the events in the series. she has been a haibane for 4 years and her name comes form the word light.
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Yoshitoshi Abe
Jun Nakai
Tokuyuki Matsutake

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Name Haibane Renmei
Name: 灰羽連盟
Publisher ?
Start Year 2002
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Aliases Charcoal Feathers Federation
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