Hades is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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The guild master of the Grimoire Heart Dark Guild whose aim is to find the key to Zeref's seal. He was also the 2nd master of Fairy Tail before passing on the title to Makarov.


Purehito (Hades) 48 years ago as Fairy Tail's 3rd master
Purehito (Hades) 48 years ago as Fairy Tail's 3rd master

The only known history of Hades so far is his role as Fairy Tail's 2nd master. Nearly 48 years ago, when he was known as Purehito, he nominated Makarov as the 3rd master of Fairy Tail, to which the named successor objected to since he didn't know how to run a guild. But Purehito responded by stating that he would make the perfect master since he loves his comrades and is capable of believing in others. As Purehito departs on a journey, his final words to Makarov was that he knows he would turn Fairy Tail into a good guild and officially appoints him as the new master.

While on his journey, Hades traced the roots of all magic to Zeref and called it "the Essence of Magic" or the "Magic of One". This is when he reformed himself and founded the dark guild, Grimoire Heart, and created and taught the Seven Kin of Purgatory different types of Lost Magic in hopes that he would acquire this "Essence of Magic". After successfully finding Zeref, he was instantly killed by the dark mage for his actions and for summoning Acknowlogia.


Hades, who is created by Hiro Mashima, has no information regarding any inspiration used to create him. He first appears in Fairy Tail Volume 16 and Episode 52 (in shadow form) and makes his actual appearance in Episode 101. His Japanese voice actor is Masashi Hirose.




He seems to be calm and confident man who shows no signs of fear to his enemies, especially Makarov. He also refers to Makarov as "boy" rather than by his name.

Major Story Arcs

Oracion Seis Arc

Hades' first appearance.
Hades' first appearance.

Hades' first appearance is on Grimoire Heart's airship. There he discusses Oracion Seis' activities with Ultear. Although he supports the guild, he decides not to get involved. Rather, he focuses on obtaining the keys necessary to release Zeref from his seal.

S-Class Trial Arc

Hades reveals his version of Fairy Law - "Grimoire Law"
Hades reveals his version of Fairy Law - "Grimoire Law"

While aboard the airship, Ultear updates Hades on Zeref's location, stating that they had found him. He then directs them to set the course to Tenrou Island. But as they approach the island, the guild is met with Makarov in his giant body form. Despite the shock and intimidation expressed by the Grimoire Heart guild members (including the Seven Kin of Purgatory), he merely laughingly says Makarov's name. As Makarov easily damages the aircraft, Hades orders his guild to shoot its cannon, Jupiter. Although Makarov manages to block the attack, he receives heavy damage to his left arm. With the airship falling apart, Hades orders Ultear to use her Arc of Time magic to restore it. After doing so, he tells Caprico to take all the guild's members to the island while he proceeds to take Makarov head on. Once the battle between the two masters ensues, Makarov prepares his ultimate attack, Fairy Law, but is stopped when Hades reveals a similar attack called "Grimoire Law." To his dismay, he realizes that Hades is the 2nd master of Fairy Tail, the man who named him as his successor.

Powers & Abilities


  • Bullet Magic

Magic that allows the user to fire magical ballistic projectiles out of their hands. The user mimics the appearance of a gun with his hand which allows him/her to fire magical bullets from the index and middle finger. These magical bullets are shown to be strong enough to pierce flesh. The user can use this magic with both hands simultaneously allowing them to fire a lot of these magical projectiles in quick succession. The magical bullets can be fired in quick succession or be charged and fired in the form of a beam. The magical bullets of Hades have been shown to be purple in color.

  • Chain Magic

Magic that allows Hades to shoot magical chains from his hands. These chains have grappling hooks at their end and are able to pierce a target without hurting it. The chains from this magic have been shown to be strong enough to support the full weight of a colossal Makarov.

  • Devil's Heart

The devil's heart is a giant generator-like device containing Hades' own heart. It is responsible for his immense physical strength and his immense magic power. The devil's heart also augmented his longevity. Without the devil's heart, Hades' power diminishes greatly, not allowing him to use his Demon's Eye.

  • Magic alteration

Hades can absorb his opponent's magic and transform it into darkness magic to use it for his own.


  • Amaterasu

Magic that creates a spherical shockwave. First a magical formula is created in the air after which the shockwave occurs. The magical formula's all have a number and the higher the number the stronger the shockwave is. So far Hades has been shown to be able to use an unnamed formula as well as formula's number 28 and 100, the latter which created a massive shockwave that could be felt and heard by everyone on the island as well as causing huge amounts of damage.

  • Demon's Eye

A technique based around the use of Hades' right eye, which is normally covered beneath an eyepatch. It causes Hades' magic power to increase as well as create a dark aura which continuously keeps gaining power. The demon's eye also allows Hades to use Zeref's infamous Black Arts. From these Black Arts he has shown to far to be able to use Living Magic, a magic that brings things to life and under the caster's control. One of the spells done is Nemesis, which creates numerous powerful demons from debris. These demons can perform damaging long-ranged attacks through the use of dark tendril-like protrusions and dark globes. It has also been hinted that he is able to use Death Magic through his demon's eye though he has never been shown using it, being interrupted as he finished the hand signs to use such a spell.

  • Grimoire Law

A dark version of Fairy Law that has devastating results if used against each other.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Masashi Hirose
General Information Edit
Name: Hades
Name: ハデス
Romanji: Hadesu
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #16
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #52
1st anime movie:
Aliases Master Hades
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