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Akira Nishimura

Akira Nishimura is the busty member of the trio that torments Ryu Ogura. She's the class president with a secret perverse side and skilled with technology.

Akira Shirase

Talented Hacker and Protagonist of Battle Programmer Shirase

Akisame Koetsuji

The Philisophical Jujitsu master, and one of the martial arts mentors to Kenichi Shirahama.


Genius hacker-loli who works under Sei and provides support for Jo. Often argues with Meg. Enjoys Kyohei's cooking.


Anonydeath is a master hacker. He was using his hacking skills to spy on Noire.


Benny is the mechanic and computer expert for the Lagoon Company in Roanapur.


A member of G.I. Joe

Chessmaster Hex

An old man who loves to play chess, in his youth he planned a heist that he has forgotten all about since going senile.


A new breed of Digimon with no type classification. It first appeared in the Second film where it was affecting the internet and trying to nuke the Digidestined.


Edward is a young female master computer hacker. She acts extremely peculiar. After running away from an orphanage, she became part of the Cowboy Bebop crew. She spends most of her time with Ein.

Janet Bhai

Janet Bhai is a talented computer hacker and counterfeiter known as Greenback Jane.

Jin Shirato

One of the Members of Strega who is Takaya's faithful right-hand man, acting as his tactical adviser. His persona is Moros.

Kazari Uiharu

A student at Sakugawa Middle School and member of Judgement.


The head of communications in the Keroro Platoon. Despite he is of a higher rank than Keroro, he is not the leader of the Platoon due to his unpleasant and unnerving demeanor. Kululu's expertise lies in his high-level technological prowess, including hacking and inventing.

Lethia Aleetheia

An artificial human created from the Maya backup copy.

Lynn Lambretta

Lynn Lambretta is a troublemaker and skilled hacker and the vice-president of Hakuho Academy's Space Yacht Club.


Sekirei #02 who has computer and hacking skills. Matsu was also a member of the original Disciplinary Squad.

Milluki Zoldyck

Milluki Zoldyck is Killua's brother.


The youngest member of STAND who is not a part of the team's offensive but she is their resident skilled hacker.

Nene Romanova

Nene is the third member of the Knight Sabers and is their technical conductor and hacker. She also works for the AD Police.


The second Angeloid that Tomoki Sakurai encounters in Heaven's Lost Property. She is originally sent by the wicked Man of Synapse to kill Tomoki and take Ikaros back to her master so he can extract the rare "Variable-type Wings" from Ikaros.

Rafael Esquivel

Ally of the Autobots, partner of Bumblebee

Satsuki Yatoji

One of the Dragons of Earth. Satsuki has the uncanny ability to interact with any computer by inserting cables into her skin, and be able to hack into any technological system.

Shou Azama

The main character of Akumetsu

Sophia Theodores

Genius hacker of the Nomad team, Elijah Ballard joins forces with them as they flee Propater forces in South America. She takes the cyborg body of a young girl.


A Decepticon Communications Officer who is able to detect and jam radio transmissions all across the energy spectrum. His alternate mode is a Cassette Player (originally, it is now a jet).


Mechanic who works for the Millefiore. Is a foreigner, and likes katakana, kanji, and green tea. After fighting Tsuna in the King Mosca, he takes him hostage in order to help/make him complete the X Burner. Is always seen with a wrench-shaped sucker in his mouth.

The Laughing Man

The main antagonist in the first season of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. He is really only a teenager who pretends to be deaf and mute.

Tomohisa Harada

Member of the Danger Service Agency who is an expert on androids and all things technical.


A member of the Garuru Platoon who serves as the groups Hacker.


An expert hacker, serving as the operator for the Guerrilla Resistance Group "Undertaker". She is a cheeky 14-year-old and speaks her mind.

Virtual Hacker

A villain from the New Cutey Honey series, who has the ability to create illusions.

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