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.hack is a franchise comprised of 2 movies, 10 anime series, 7 manga series
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Ovan's little sister.


Alkaid was a member of Icolo but after losing to Endrance she was kicked out. She went for revenge but was defeated by Haseo. She at first didn't like Haseo but became more interested in him.


A member of Kestrel who along with her friend IYOTEN taught Haseo how to play The World R:2, and then PK him.



The Ultimate A.I. in the World.

Azure Balmung

One of the three Azure Knights created by Aura. He is modeled after Balmung of the Azure Sky but appears to be feral than his predecessors original design.

Azure Kite

One of the Three Azure Knights, created by Aura. He is a copy of the Dot Hacker Kite, and was responsible for putting Shino in a coma and Haseos quest for revenge.

Azure Orca

One of the three Azure Knights created by Aura. He is modeled after Orca of the Azure Sea.



One of the Descendants of Fianna who is a very famous player in The World and friends with Orca. Balmung works for Lios by destroying Data Bugs affecting The World.


The Helpful Blademaster Looking Into Tsukasa's Problems


One of the main characters from the .hack games. Blackrose started playing the world in order to find her little brother who is in a coma after playing the world. She meets Kite and joins him on his quest.


A Player Killer from the guild Kestrel. She has a obsession with Haseo and tries going after him many times.



A Wavemaster that was friends with Mia.


A epitaph user who was once the reigning Emperor of the Demon Palace arena circuit, until Haseo beat him. He went into a emotional slump but Haseo was able to help him out of it and became an ally in his quest to stop AIDA.


A member of the Canard guild, and good friends with Silabus and Haseo.


Haseo is the main character of the .hack//GU series.


A infamous hacker that helps Kite and Blackrose on their quest to save The World.


Hotaru is an American player who constantly uses the Japanese servers in the manga and anime of dothack//Legend of the Twilight.


A member of Kestrel who along with his friend Asta taught Haseo how to play The World R:2, and then PK him.

Kakeru Tanaka

One of Sora's friends who introduced her to the video game known as the World. His game avatar is a Berserker named Gondo.


The main character of the .hack games. After seeing his friend Data Drained by Skeith, Kite obtains a bracelet from Aura that allows him to data drain other monsters or viruses of The World.

Komiyan 3rd


Mai Minase

Mai is a new player that started playing the World with her boyfriend. But after he fell into a coma while playing she goes on a journey to find out what happened to him.


A character from the .hack games. She is not really a player but a A.I. in the game.


The main character of .hack//CELL. Midori is a sentient being made from the blood cell of a girl with a degenerative disease. She escapade her creators and enter the World R:2 where she created a PC.


A female Heavy Blade that became friends with Tsukasa.


A player of The World, who is a rare item hunter.


A Wavemaster who assisted Kite.


One of the Descendants of Fianna. He was good friends with Kite but was Data Drained by Skeith.


A player of the world who is a werewolf. Ouka is known as one of the strongest players in the world. She befriends Shugo after receiving a collar from him.


The former leader of the Twilight Brigade guild, and the player who saved Haseo when he was PKed.


A sage who knew many of the secrets of The World R:2, and helped Haseo when he started playing.





A epitaph user who is a fan of Endrance.


Sakuya is the main character from the anime, .Hack//Quantum



One of the Main Characters from the .Hack Roots series. She was a member of the Twilight Brigade before it disbanded, and was attacked by AIDA and was put into a coma. Haseo vows to find a way to cure her.



A member of the guild Canard. Silabus was once the guild master after Kuhn left but transferred his title to Haseo when he joined the guild.

Silver Knight

A member of Subarus Crimson Knights.


A character that would kill players for fun he was hated by many in the World. He became interested in Tsukasa due to his link with the Key of Twilight.

Sora Yuki

The main protagonist of the .hack film Beyond the World. Soras avatar is named Kite and was set up by her friend Makoto.


The Leader of the Crimson Knights


Tokura Chieko

A friend of Sora's whose avatar is a Dark Knight named Dasha.

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