Hachiken Runs Off

Hachiken Runs Off is an anime episode of Silver Spoon that was released on 08/08/2013

"It will come tonight." A certain rumor, obtained by Nishikawa from a supposedly trustworthy source, circulates among the students. The target will appear at 9PM at a certain location. However, during that time, students are prohibited from leaving the dorm, and violators will be punished with bathroom cleaning duty. However, that does not deter the determined men from fighting for their honor! And now, it is time to execute their escape plan...

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Plot Summary

Hachiken Runs Off
RomajiHachiken, Dassō suru
TranslationHachiken Runs Away
Theme Music
Opening"Kiss you"
Ending"Hello Especially"
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In the field, Hachiken and Hajime find themselves facing a being from outer space. After a lovely horseback riding with Aki, Hachiken and her spot some crop circles. Hajime and the rest of the boys are curious about aliens. Hajime comes up with a strategy. Though, Hajime forgets about the faculty doing room check ups during study hours. Beppu stays behind to be a decoy since he cannot go through the bathroom window. Hajime and the gang find themselves facing a security camera. Beppu arrive to toss a pizza dough at the camera. Hajime reminds Beppu of roll call. Beppu stays behind while Hajime and the others escape the dorms. Tamako tosses a bag for Hajime's group.

Outside, Keiji trips a trap and tells them to leave him behind. It turns out that Keiji has ripped his pants. Near the fruit warehouse, Hajime, Shinnosuke, and Ichiro find a strawberry thief and knock him out. When a truck rolls by, Shinnosuke jumps on the truck to pursue the thief. Facing some guards with their dogs, Ichiro throws his baseball to distract the guard dogs. Out in the field, Hajime and Hachiken find a harvester machine. After taking a picture of the harvester, Haijime explains that the some students do a prank every year. The gang reunite on the road and under the stars.

Afterwards, Hachiken and the others are in bathroom duty for their punishment.

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