Hachiken Rides a Horse

Hachiken Rides a Horse is an anime episode of Silver Spoon that was released on 07/18/2013

Ezonoo requires its students to join a sports club. Hachiken reluctantly begins to look for a club and checks out the equestrian club, where his classmate, Mikage, is also a member. Hachiken decides to join the club, thinking it'd make his life easier if he didn't have to use his own two legs, but..

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Plot Summary

Welcome to Ezonoo!
RomajiHachiken, Uma ni Noru
Theme Music
Opening"Kiss you"
Ending"Hello Especially"
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With the practicum almost approaching, Hachiken and the others work hard. Tokiwa thanks Hachiken for helping him on the math test. Afterwards, Hachiken and his classmates run into Tamako's older brother who wants them to try out his smoked chicken.

Near the barnyard, Hachiken stumbles upon on some men who are marveling over Holstein cows. He manages to get away when the equestrian club instructor arrives. Hachiken runs into Aki. She teaches Hachiken on how to feed a horse. Hachiken joins the equestrian club for a chance to bond with Aki. Though, he and the other students have to wake up at 4AM to clean muck from the stalls. Meanwhile, Shinnosuke informs Hachiken that he joined the Hostein club.

While Hachiken cleans out stall and decides to finish most of it, the principal asks Hachiken if he love horses. Hachiken replies that he joined the club for the flow and that he has no idea what career he will be in. Then, the equestrian instructor tells Hachiken to ride a horse. As the instructor tells Hachiken to arch his back, Hachiken feels the beauty of horseback riding. In the men's bath, Hachiken's classmate point out that women's bath is right above them.

Points of Interest

  • Tamako is a member of the table tennis club.
  • Tamako's brother aims for additive free food while Tamako seeks to use additives.

Characters & Voice Actors

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