Hachiken Meets Pork Bowl

Hachiken Meets Pork Bowl is an anime episode of Silver Spoon that was released on 07/25/2013

Hachiken is assigned to raise a litter of piglets for a practicum. He sees himself in a tiny piglet that has come last in the litter's race for survival of the fittest. Despite learning that the piglet's destined to become pork, he ends up giving the piglet a name.

— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

Hachiken Meets Pork-Bowl
RomajiHachiken, Butadon to Deau
TranslationHachiken Meets Pork Bowl
Theme Music
Opening"Kiss you"
Ending"Hello Especially"
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At the pig pen, a female instructor lectures her class about how pigs are one of the best in the kingdoms despite their names used in insults. When the students see the piglets, the rest of them fall in love with the cute pigs. As the class sees a sow nursing her offspring, the female instructor informs her class that the piglets compete for milk. Hachiken tries to move the piglet to another teat. Yet, the piglet goes for the last teat. In Hachiken's room, Hachiken sees his friend packing for Golden Week. With most students going home, Aki invites Hachiken to a horse racetrack. They find Nakajima, their sensei, looking at a newspaper and the stats for the horses. Over at the racetrack, the horses pull their sleds. Arriving at a hill, the riders and their horses wait before climbing up the hill. Nakajima yells out for Mikagehomare whom he place everything on.

With the race over, Aki and Ichiro comment that the loser horses usually becomes meat. When Hachiken finds it absurd, Ichiro asks Hachiken about entering this school without a goal. Hachiken remarks that Ichiro has it easy since he has a career after he graduates. To stop the two from fighting, Aki invites her two friends to meet up with her Uncle. Aki's Uncle asks Ichiro if he's going to college. Ichiro states that he has to take care of the family business and his mother since his father had died.

Over at the horse clinic, Aki's Uncle takes Aki and her friends for a tour. The doctor introduces a variety of tools. Later, Aki's Uncle and the group walk past a funeral for a horse. Aki's Uncle explains that they all want to give a horse a proper funeral after working with them. The four give their condolences. After that, Hachiken resolves his conflicts with Ichiro. Ichiro apologizes to Hachiken for being too harsh.

With Golden Week over, the students return to school. Hachiken names the runt, Pork Bowl, when Tamako states that the runt will end up as food. The principal of the school receives a call from Hachiken's counselor of Shin Sapporo Junior High.

Points of Interest

  • A sled in a maiden race weighs about 480 kilos.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Female Instructor: "This is piglet behavior. Once they make a decision, they stay, even if it's a poor environment. Just because they lost out in the first competition, they decide what they have is good enough."
— Female Instructor telling her students not to be like piglets

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Jun Nakai Character Artist/Designer Key animator and character designer for animes such as Argento Soma,Birdy decode, Ergo Proxy, DT Eightron, Eureka Seven, Haibane Renmei, House of five leaves, Mardock Scramble, Samurai Champloo and Tokyo Majin
Tomohiko Ito Director Director of Occult Academy
Hiromu Arakawa Original Concept Hiromu Arakawa is the famed mangaka of Fullmetal Alchemist.


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