Hachiken Bakes Pizza

Hachiken Bakes Pizza is an anime episode of Silver Spoon that was released on 08/01/2013

A brick oven has been found in a pile of garbage during a campus cleanup session. This discovery leads to Hachiken being tasked with a pizza making project by his classmates. Learning that many of them have no access to pizza delivery, Hachiken is unable to turn down their request, even though he has no experience. He reluctantly agrees...

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Plot Summary

Hachiken Bakes Pizza
RomajiHachiken, Piza o Yaku
TranslationHachiken Makes Pizza
Theme Music
Opening"Kiss you"
Ending"Hello Especially"
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AtIn class, Hachiken misses two points on the livestock science exam. Then, he sees one his classmates get a perfect on their exam. Aki and the students see Hachiken and the others suffering from backpain due to their first horseback riding. Nishikawa arrives on a tractor to help Nakajima-sensei, delivering bed straw. Nishikawa takes Hachiken for a ride. Later, the principal has the rest of the students clean up trash on school grounds. Hachiken finds a brick oven. Later that night, he looks up the brick oven and finds out it can pizza. Once Hachiken mention pizza, the other students request Hachiken to bake some pizza since he is the only one who experienced it.

After a long work at the pig pen, Hachiken look at Pork Bowl and had a desire for bacon for a moment. In the dorms, Hajime assures Hachiken that they can grow the ingredients. Next day, Hachiken asks the other students around for ingredients. He asks Yoshino for cheese. Yoshino gazes upon the map to find a curing room. She and Aki find out that Nakajima-sensei has been storing cheese secretly. While Yoshino gossips about Hachiken with Aki, Hachiken realizes that he forgot to check whether the oven works or not. Once Aki cleans up the brick oven, Hachiken enlists the help of various students to help fix the brick oven and prepare ingredients for the pizza.

With exams and pizza day nearing, Hachiken asks Tamako's older brother to provide him bacon. Tamako's older brother asks Hachiken if he can eat Pork Bowl. Hachiken replies that he does not know if can. Tamako's brother hands Hachiken, a sample of bacon. Hachiken wonders why it taste so good. Out in the park, a huge group of students and teachers wait for pizza. Shiroishi meets up with Hachiken and tells the principal that he's anxious. Hachiken explains how each department chipped in. He becomes the first one to taste the pizza, and his laughter invites everyone to try some pizza. While everyone celebrates, Shiroshi chats with the principal and comments that Hachiken has found some insight.

Points of Interest

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken's colonel appears in this episode.
  • Nakajima-sensei has a secret room of cheese.

Acing the Exams

  • Keiji - Livestock Science
  • Ichiro - Crop Science
  • Yoshino Mayumi - Food Manufacturing
  • Tamako Inada - Agriculture Management

Characters & Voice Actors

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