Habataki Hyuga

Habataki Hyuga is a anime/manga character in the Medaka Box franchise
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Habataki Hyuga is a kendo expert and student of Hakoniwa Academy.


Habataki Hyuga was a character created by Nisio Isin, the author, as a minor character in the series Medaka Box.

Character Evolution


Hyuga is an adolescent with black eyes and dark purple hair (dark green in the anime).He usually has his hair displayed in a somewhat messy fashion and has his eyes almost always squinted. His mainly wears a pair of glasses and the standard Sandbox Academy uniform. After the ten year time skip, Hyuga chooses to wear a suit.


Despite his seemingly calm appearance, Hyuga is very violent and tends to look down on weaker people. He also descirbes himself to be more of a loner and chose the school’s kendo club to be by himself. After Medaka’s conversion of him, he became more mellow and capable of working with others.


  • Mahibi Moji: Despite arguing with each other constantly, the two seem to have a good friendship.
  • Medaka Kurokami: After his conversion, it is implied that Hyuga fell in love with Medaka.

Story Arcs

Student Council Executive Arc

Sometime during the day, Hyuga left a request in the Medaka Box to get rid of the delinquents in the Kendo Hall. He first appears in the classroom asking Hansode Shiranui where Zenkichi Hitoyoshi went. He then asks Shiranui about the relationship between Medaka Kurokami and Zenkichi. While Zenkichi and Hansode were talking about the delinquents the next day, he shouts angrily about the delinquents being in the kendo hall and leaves quickly to get rid of them himself. While Zenkichi was thinking about Medaka, Hyuga attacks hits him on the head from behind with a Bokken and knocks him unconscious. Hyuga then continues to the Kendo Hall and manages to easily defeat everyone there. He is surprised to see all of the delinquents getting back of and professing there passion for kendo. Hyuga lashes out at them once again but is stopped by Zenkichi before he could attack. Hyuga than declares that he is doing the school a favor by getting rid of them and asks if Zenkichi agrees. He is surprised to hear that Zenkichi agrees with him but he still agrees with Medaka more. Hyuga tries to attack him but is knocked away by a single punch. The beaten and Battered Hyuga manages to escape and declares his revenge on Zenkichi. However, he encounters Medaka who came to fulfill Hansode’s request to fix Hyuga’s “bad personality.” Hyuga’s then screams as Medaka begins to help him. Hyuga became the head the Kendo club and shares the Hall with the ex-delinquents although he sometimes gets into arguments with Mahibi Moji. He is also implied to have fallen in love with Medaka.

Sometime later, Hyuga is seen having lunch with Zenkichi and Hansode and discussing Zenkichi’s new status as the “Club Typhoon.” When Zenkichi leaves with Hisshuu Kanoya, he asks Shiranui if it’s alright for Zenkichi to go with him. When she replies that Zenkichi is her friend only when its convenient for her, Hyuga comments that he might be a bad person but Hansode is definitely the worst.

Hyuga and Moji appear at the swim battle meet to represent the Kendo Club. He is seen competing alongside Moji in the three legged race. They are both shocked by the Swimming Club members Sotsu Tanegashima and Umumichi Yakushima swimming in complete synch while there legs are tied together. They are taken out in the final event by the Judo Club and placed sixth overall.

After Myouri Unzen blows up the Student Council office, Hyuga is seen alongside the other members questioning the noise. After he learns that it came from the Student Council office, he figures that it’s just the usual antics of the Student Council and ignores it.

Kumagawa Incident Arc

While walking past the Student Council Office, Moji and Hyuga hear Kouki Akune’s horrified shriek about learning the identity of Hitomi Hitoyoshi, Zenkichi’s mother. Hyuga wonders if the noise is because the “Nonexistent Youth Bill” may have been confirmed. Sometime later, Hyuga attends Medaka’s end of semester speech. He is shown to be shocked by the outrageous rules made by Misogi Kumagawa. During the battle between Medaka’s and Kumagawa’s Student Councils, Hyuga is shown to be cheering Medaka on during her fight with Kumagawa.

Kurokami Medaka's Successor Arc

Hyuga is shown to be discussing the Standoff between Medaka and Zenchiki with Moji. Although not shown, it can be assumed that Hyuga takes part in the tug of war between the Student body and Medaka. After some time, Hyuga attends the Student Council elections and is one of the many faces shown after Zenkichi’s speech to Medaka. After learning that Najimi Ajimu constructed Sandbox Academy for no reason, he, along with the rest of the entire student body, scream out in anger.

Unknown Shiranui Arc

Hyuga appears as one of the several students that Medaka asked if they remembered Hansode Shiranui. After sometime, Hyuga attends the farewell ceremony for the graduating seniors and listens to Zenkichi’s and Kumagawa’s speeches.

Bouquet Toss To The Future Arc

Hyuga appears as participant number 77 in the 100 Flowers Run. He introduces everyone as the “small fry character army.” As he gets hit by Medaka's Kurokami Final, he questions if Medaka knew how to hold back but proclaims that is the reason everyone likes her. Everyone present then asks if Medaka thinks being with them was a good memory. His message to her is to keep living a magnificent life.

Epilogue Arc

After ten years, Hyuga becomes a banker.

Powers and Abilities

Kendo Expert

Hyuga is shown to be proficient at kendo and is recognized at a national level. He is also capable of effortlessly defeating the eight delinquents that occupied the Kendo Hall.

Voiced by
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Kazuyuki Okitsu
General Information Edit
Name: Habataki Hyuga
Name: 日向 破憐
Romanji: Hyūga Habataki
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Medaka Box #1
1st anime episode: Medaka Box #1
1st anime movie:
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