Gyūki is a anime/manga character in the Naruto franchise
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Gyūki is the head of Gyūki Clan. He was beaten by Nurarihyon and become a part of his Clan. When he betrayed Rikuo, he gain Rikuo's trust back after he defeated by him.


Gyūki is a Yokai who live at Mount Nejireme. He was defeated by Nurarihyon and his clan and later decided to join the Nura Clan. He became a very loyal Yokai to the Nura Clan and would kill anyone who dare to destroy the clan, even if that person is Rikuo Nura himself as he said to him when he was defeated by Rikuo Nura.


Gyūki was illustrated by Hiroshi Shiibashi. On the Anime, he make his debut on Nurarihyon no Mago, Episode 01. Same for the Manga, he appeared on Act 01. His voice actor is Jouji Nakata (Yokai), Eri Kitamura (7-years old Gyūki), and also Sachi Kokuryuu (12-years old Gyūki).

Character Evolution

  • Appearance

Gyūki has a long, grayish-green hair, mixed with black color on the bottom and a few wavy lines. He has a red eyes, wore dark green robe and a purple kimono.

  • Personality

Gyūki is mostly calm and serious. He is a Yokai with loyalty to his beloved Nura Clan who recruited him hundred years ago. He shows great loyalty more than any Yokai there is on the clan and dare to kill anyone who's trying to destroy the Nura Clan.

Major Story Arc

  • Gyūki Arc

Gyūki made a major role as he's been suspect by Nura Clan for betraying the clan. Rikuo and his friend came to Mount Nejireme in order to investigate Yokai. He order his two subordinates, Mezumaru and Gozumaru to hunt down any travelers including Rikuo Nura. As he also told Mezumaru to lure Rikuo and his friends to an Inn so that they can ambush them.

Much later when Rikuo manage to defeat Gozumaru, he take Yuki-Onna and meet up Kana Ienaga on the way and leave Yuki-Onna to her. As Rikuo arrive, Gyūki and Rikuo begin to fight each other and Gyūki told him about his past.

When Gyūki was 7-years old, he live with his beloved parents and he's still a human child back then. When he's older, he decided to travel and studying until he became a noble swordsman in his young age. When he was hear about his mother, he stop his studying and heads off to his mother to see her right away.

On the way, when Gyūki's taking a break, two young lady came to him and told him about his mother on Mount Nejireme where the real Gyūki live there. When he's struggling with the Yokai, the Yokai shows his mother was already eaten and hurt his feeling and angered. He's quickly rush to his mouth and later defeat the Yokai. When the two ladies shocked by Gyūki, they later scared and thank him for killing the Yokai. Although Gyūki's heart already broken as he was trapped by the two lady and later killed both of them.

Much later, Gyūki has turned into more and more different than his old self and keep killing travelers who come near the Mount Nejireme. One night, he was attacked by Nura Clan and lost a battle with Nurarihyon. Impressed by Gyūki's strength, Nurarihyon offer him to join the clan and has two days to decide.

Gyūki was interested and later decided to join Nurarihyon. Back at the battle between him and Rikuo, he was lost to this battle and decided to commit a suicide. Although he was stopped by Rikuo Nura as he told Gyūki that there's no reason to do such a thing for some trivial reasons. Day after the incident, Gyūki was returned to Nura Household with his subordinates.

  • Shikoku Yokai Arc

When Rikuo was challenged by Tamazuki, Gyuki also seen a lot during the battle with Shikoku gang. Although Gyuki doesn't make much role in this arc. He was also seen encouraging Rikuo when the Final Battle with Tamazuki where he told Rikuo to not concern much when the morning sun arrive, there's still a moon behind it.

  • Past Arc

During Nurarihyon's past (400-Years ago), Gyuki was seen among Nurarihyon's Demon Night Parade in Kyoto. He was among Nurarihyon's army in attacking a group of Yokai who attack a local lady with an infant. When Youhime was kidnapped by Hagorome Gitsune in Osaka Castle, Gyuki arrived along with the rest of Nurarihyon's Hyakki Yakou. Later when Hagorome Gitsune defeated, Gyuki along with the other Yokai celebrate it in Hidemoto's household.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Jouji (George) Nakata
General Information Edit
Name: Gyūki
Name: 牛鬼
Romanji: Gyūki
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan #1
1st anime episode: Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Umewakamaru
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