GYO is an anime episode of Gyo that was released on 02/15/2012


Kaori is going on vacation with two friends to Okinawa. Once there Aki, one of Kaori's friends, notices in the area a pretty bad smell, just to discover that this stench is coming from their holiday house.

Here they found the origin of it, there's a creature lurking around with what appears to be some mechanic-legs device attached to it that enables it to move incredibly fast. They get rid of it but the next morning more creatures have appeared, amongst them a Shark that manages to get inside the house.

The plague of creatures coming from the sea spreads in the entire country, all over the news there's reports from these creatures, then after being unable to contact Tadashi, Kaori returns to Tokyo just to see an even worse side of the fish apocalypse.

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Takayuki Hirao Director Animation Director
Junji Ito Original Concept Junji Ito is a horror manga writer. He is known for the titles Uzumaki, Tomie, Gyo, and many more.


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