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Akane Isshiki

Akane is the granddaughter of the creator of the Vivid System and is the first person to use it.

Akira Sako

Akira SakĊ is a tomboy in the boxing club who's always wanted to be a boy, and she's the heiress of prestigious family.

Ako Suminoe

Ako is a character from Kiss x Sis

Ami Uehara

Main character of Love Selection.

Botan Tsukishima

Botan Tsukishima is a transfer student at Saotome High. She was sent by Sakura Gettous to observe her granddaughter, Motoko Gettou.


Fuyumi is Shuji former track teacher and lover. She married a soldier who is always fighting in the war so she always feel lonely.


A male (yes, I kid you not, that's a dude) Hasturan who was Nyarko's and Kuko's classmate in space elementary school.

Ichiko Sakura

The protagonist of Binbogami-Ga! who has the ability to steal karma energy from others.

Ichiro Tachibana

After peeping in on his teacher Ms. Yuko he was accidentally turned into a tentacle monster his friend Lili.

Izumi Yuka

Yuka is a gentle-natured girl from the Mightiest Disciple series. She loves flowers and has a crush on Kenichi.

Keita Suminoe

The younger step-brother of Ako and Riko Suminoe.

Kinjiro Sakamachi

A high school student suffering from a type of gynophobia that causes his nose to bleed when he comes into contact with a girl.

Kirika Misono

kirika is the leader of the eiken club and forced Densuke into joining

Kotoura Haruka

The main character of the Kotoura-san series. She has the ability to read minds.

Mari Setogaya

Mari Setogaya is a vampire/succubus hybrid who needs human fluids, unfortunately she doesn't like the taste of blood...

Miharu Mikuni

Miharu Mikuni is a supporting character in Kiss x Sis. She is a shy girl with a weak bladder who occasionally wets herself.

Miu Furinji

A transfer student and one of Kenichi's first friends.

Motoko Gettou

Motoko was adopted by three different martial artists and train in three different styles (Attack, Speed and Defense) after the death of her mother. But it caused her to have a split-personalities for each style.


Sekirei #88 who is the female protagonist of the series. She is the first Sekirei Minato met and made a contract with, she is also at the same time Sekirei #8 Yume, who somehow is inside of Musubi.

Riko Suminoe

Rimi Kokorone

A member of the Atlantae division of Yomi and disciple of Ogata Isshinsai. She is deeply in love Ryuto Asamiya, her desire to be strong is because she believes he will love her back and despite his cold attitude toward her he is shown to cares about her.

Shi Woon Yi

Formerly a pushover, a coward and bullied all the time but after blackmailing his English teacher who was a martial artist to train him he's no longer the person he was, he become strong in mind and body. Now he is, temporally, the head of the Sun-Woo clan.

Shinji Koganei

Member of the Seirin Basketball Team in the "Kuroko no Basuke" franchise

Subaru Konoe

Subaru is the daughter of the butler of a wealthy family. Though she is a girl, she is posing as a male butler.

Taiga Kagami

The second protagonist of the anime and manga "Kuroko no Basuke"

Takeru Totsuka

The Japanese god of the sea and storms. He is one of the main characters of Kamigami no Asobi.

Takumi Musashino

The lead character of the Eroanime manga series TSF Monogatari. Once male and dying of cancer Tekumi had his body transformed into a female. Tekumi now experiences a new world of pleasure.

Teruharu Kosukegawa

Teruharu Kosukegawa is the main protagonists Change 123. Despite being weak he has a strong sense of justice.

Tetsuya Kuroko

The protagonist of the anime and manga "Kuroko no Basuke"

Urara Ebihara

The beautiful teacher that was blackmail to teach at Kokudou Acadamy

Yoon In Gyi

Yoon In Gyi a.k.a Queen is an S-Class Wild's High School second year student. She initially hated boys due to a childhood incident, but begin to like Song Jae Gu as story follows

Yui Kusanagi

The heroine of Kamigami no Asobi. She is a human whose job is to interact with gods to reteach them how to interact with people.

Yui Nemoto

Friend of Uehara Ami and Nao Kurata.

Yuko Morino

A school teacher who is secretly a witch.

Yuuki miyagishi

A roommate in Takuro's dorm, Yuuki is an unapologetic woman who likes to masturbate. She is proud of her body and knows how to use it. She even takes advantage of Takuro once in a while when he thinks of dirty or nice things (like Saori).

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