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Guyver Unit is a anime/manga thing
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Agito Makashima

Agito is the adopted son of the head of Chronos Japan. He also goes to the same school as Sho and Tetsuro and Mizuki adores him. However he is not all that he seems and turns out to be Guyver III


Guyver 0 was the first human that was ever merged with a bio-booster armor.

Oswald A. Lisker

A inspector from Kronos HQ who was sent to Japan to maintain the transfer of the inactive Guyver Units to the Kronos headquarters. When one damaged unit was found it bounded with him and became it's host.

Sho Fukamachi

Sho is the protagonist of the Guyver manga and anime series. He is a normal teenager who becomes the superhero The Guyver when he stumbles across an alien artifact.


Originally a anime only character that appeared in the Guyver Out of Control OAV. Valkyria has since been incorporated into the manga storyline.

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