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Have you been watching Gurren Lagann but just can't get enough of that over-the-top adventure? Have you been missing out on the manly man-fest due to Hulu's geofence? Get thee to a library! (A book store is fine too.)
The Epic of Gilgamesh is the original buddy comedy. A tale told in circles about a couple of crazy guys striking out into the world to do the impossible. It's not all fun and boobies, however, as Our Hero also has some hard lessons to learn along the way. He must understand that the true beauty of life and love are only revealed once one is able to accept the inevitability of death and loss. That being a hero requires more than just epic manliness. That Ishtar is a bit yandere and dating her is a pretty bad idea.

What is the cost of immortality? How crazy do you have to be to defy the gods? What heights can one achieve when driven by love? Who the hell do you think a hero is? 
Recommended for anyone who loves an epic bromance. Not recommended for those who prefer entertainment of a more subdued and understated variety.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Gilgamesh contains mature content! Many translations are written by academic types so the sex tends to read more like a biology textbook than porn, but it is sex all the same. If you are not old enough to consume such material please stick to the giant robo show.

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Oh sweet! I love these.

Now, I'm familiar with the lore of Gilgamesh, but how much of a popcorn read is it? Granted, I'm biased because almost all of my literature from that time frame are boring, yet important plays. I appreciate play cycles like the Oresteia and such for their message and historical value, but find them to be cold and unlovable.
Is this a problem of plays? Did the Babylonians really know how to kick it with their literature, while the Greeks and Romans of the years to follow really favored boring works?
I mean, I don't doubt you, but Gurren Lagann is just so much a "thrill ride" experience. I hold my doubts about this work...
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I liked both R.I.P great Kamina R.I.P great Enkidu you where both great men (okay Enkidu was more beast then man but you get my point lol)
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@Kelleth: Oh hey, I entirely forgot that Enkidu was the name of Viral's ship...
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@John_Martone: Yes and it actually was also named after Enki the Sumerian god of wisdom :)
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Now, THAT is quite a comparison-- pretty brilliant!
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@John_Martone: Thrilling? Well there's a road trip. They fight a giant bull! Gilgamesh outruns the sun! Enkidu has sex for a week! How's that for thrilling? 

Seriously though, I think there are two things that will determine how much enjoyment you get from something like Gilgamesh. The first is the translation. The Oxford edition is often cited as a "definitive" version since it's the most exhaustive. It's also dryer than toast. There are plenty of versions out there to choose from, so the hard part is finding one that suits your tastes. Which leads to the second point. What you get out of the experience depends, at least partly, on what you're willing to bring to it. Personally, I love epic poetry. I read stuff like this for fun so my level of excitement going in is likely higher than most. 
I would recommend test driving the Stephen Mitchell version. It's a plain English edition that can be finished in about 15 minutes if you skip the intro and translation notes.

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@Kelleth: They will always be sorely missed.
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I really want to read this book now!
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weekend shopping list
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I dig this! Pretty cool suggestion.
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@GodLen and @Nerx: Sweet. Happy reading guys!
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@Lan: Thanks!
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Pretty good comparison, actually.

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