The Daily Drill: Gurren Lagann Episode 27

Topic started by John_Martone on Dec. 13, 2009. Last post by devilleonx 5 years, 3 months ago.
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The Catch-up: Episodes

Episode 1: Burst Through the Heaven with your Drill!
Episode 2: I said I'd Pilot it!
Episode 3: You Two-Face Son of a Bitch! 
Episode 4: Does having so many faces make you great?
Episode 5: I don't get it, not one bit!
Episode 6: Sit in the hot tub 'til you're sick!
Episode 7: You're gonna do it!
Episode 8: Later, buddy
Episode 9: What, exactly, is a human?
Episode 10: Who is this, bro?
Episode 11: Simon, please remove your hand 
Episode 12: Miss Yoko, I have something to ask you  
Episode 13: Everyone, eat to your hearts content
Episode 14: How Are You, Everyone?
Episode 15: I'll Head Towards Tomorrow 
Episode 16: Entire Polysynthesis 
Episode 17: You understand nothing!
Episode 18: I'll make you tell the truth of the world!
Episode 19: We shall survive by whatever we do 
Episode 20: Oh God, to how far will you test us?
Episode 21: You must survive!  
Episode 22: This is my last duty.
Episode 23: Let's go, the final battle  
Episode 24: I will never forget, this moment and second
Episode 25: I accept your dying wish!
Episode 26: Lets go, comrades! 

The Catch-Up: Plot

The destruction of the spiral death machine took them one step closer to the anti-spirals, but not much closer to victory. Trapped in dimension of infinite possibilities, beings of spiral energy are caught up between the what if's and could be's. Not all of these worlds are what you expect them to be, but all tell us something about the people in them. Viral, for instance, longs for a world where he could be in love, and raise a child. This is an impossibility, as he was designed specifically by the Spiral King to be unable to re-produce (all of the beastmen were, actually.)
After a surprise intervention by Kamina, the team awakens from their dream, and arrives at the realm of the anti-spirals.

Today's Episode:

We have finally, finally reached our conclusion. Yet, even seeing the end coming, there's not an ounce of remorse or regret anywhere. The journey has been long, the catharsis has been bittersweet, but the story needs to end.
We've got a laundry list of things I'd love to discuss now that the series is over, so make sure to come back and get your discussions hats on.
Think Yoko x Kamina was the one true pairing? Don't believe Rossiu was a douche? Think Viral should have had his own show? Tell us. Blog it, make a video, comment here. I dunno, just let it out. We're your support group.
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This final battle, is what happens then a unmovable object meets a unstoppable force. Lucky the unstoppable force is a drill.  
BIG QUESTION FIRST: Should we still put stuff in Spoiler Warning Box? Any one reading and making comments should of seen all the show by now so...?? YES or NO 
Now to answer your quick questions:  
Yoko x Kamina; YES!  
Rossiu is a pain at points, but did what he believe what was right to survive. To bad he didn't believe in Gurren Lagann in the first place. 
Viral having his own show? mmm... no because he was the perfect badass to go against Kamina, but if he did I would still watch it and like it. 
Does anyone else besides me think that at the end of the show Simon is more of a awesome badass then Kamina was? or is it just me?
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1. YokoxKamina= YES!
2. Rossiu made the time skip more interesting, I'd say. 
3. Back story oav for Viral. One for Yoko too.
Now, let's watch another super robot anime!
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I think we need to talk about how freaking awesome this episode is. Jeez, my eyes were watering from the awesomeness and then they started watering from the sadness. They were fighting with galaxies! Mind blowing. 
Anyone else think the anti-spiral guy is fantastic in this episode? I think Dave Mallow is the voice actors name. He did a good job. 
As for a Viral show, hell yes. I would want it to take place in the same time period that they're in at the end of this episode though. Let's see how good of a captain he makes. Is he more mellow now or still a bad ass?
@Lunarmoth: Simon is pretty bad ass at the end but it's hard for me to take him seriously with those glasses.
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@John_Martone: yes to rossiu is a big douche, EVERYONE SALUTE, this is the first super robot to fight with galaxies as shurikens
Post by MoonStorm (360 posts) See mini bio Level 9
@Lunarmoth said:
" This final battle, is what happens then a unmovable object meets a unstoppable force. Lucky the unstoppable force is a drill.  
well that is true. As for a Viral show, Hell Yes!!!
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I personally thought this series was awesome!!in fact its kind of the exact opposite of Eva but in a good way!I really didn't like what happened at the very end with Nia  though kind of gives the opposite message the show gives. Also was it just me or did Yoko's role get somewhat downplayed  sense the first part of the series? Also i really really was hoping for Simon X Yoko!! i guess its only in my dreams but i really wish they could have ended up together somehow...
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