The Daily Drill: Episode 09

Topic started by John_Martone on Nov. 22, 2009. Last post by DJTyrant 5 years, 4 months ago.
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The Catch-up: Episodes

Episode 1: Burst Through the Heaven with your Drill!
Episode 2: I said I'd Pilot it!
Episode 3: You Two-Face Son of a Bitch! 
Episode 4: Does having so many faces make you great?
Episode 5: I don't get it, not one bit!
Episode 6: Sit in the hot tub 'til you're sick!
Episode 7: You're gonna do it!
Episode 8: Later, buddy
Episode 9: What, exactly, is a human?

The Catch-up: Plot

 Tragedy in the face of victory. The newly formed army of human rebels stormed the huge enemy gunmen in the hopes to take it over using Simon's Gurren. Similar to the way the Gurren supplemented the power of the Lagann, the same would hopefully give them control of that monstrous machine. The downside is that Kamina and Simon were separated for this plan, and that left the pair separated... and vulnerable... and well, lets say it didn't end happily.

Today's Episode:

A darker, more brooding Gurren Brigade greet us this episode, as grief takes many forms. One of those forms, apparently involves the crew picking through some trash the Spiral King threw away. Wouldn't have been my first choice, but oh well. Enjoy!

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This episode makes me so sad. Everyone getting on each others case :( It gets SOOOOOOOO much better from here on out though. Thanks for putting this up it's always good to see this series again and again! (now if they would just release it on Blu-ray....)
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@DJTyrant said:
(now if they would just release it on Blu-ray....) "
That would be a true holiday miracle. Man, I just get all choked up watching out angry Simon is at the beginning of the episode... how violent he seems.
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Wow another chance to watch something ruined by linking to hulu. I hope some day soon people realize there are more places on earth then the US.
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@crusader8463: We've been through this a lot of times-- if we had a legal way to stream the show so that everyone would be able to watch it, believe me, we'd use that. (We use Crunchyroll, which is available in more countries, though not all, for a lot of the shows we stream). Unfortunately with Gurren Lagann, it's a choice between showing it for our US-based visitors, or not showing it at all, for anyone. :\
I wish I could offer some constructive suggestions on how to go about this-- I would suggest trying to e-mail the Japanese companies. You can talk to the American companies, but in the end they have to abide by what rights they're able to buy, and that's up to the Japanese license owners, who want to sell those rights as many times over as they can.
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@gia: I know all the BS around copyrights and what have you, it is just annoying to see it being done on so many places.
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@John_Martone: I'm not holding out TOO much hope for it considering Japan doesn't even have is on BD. If you remember at AX I even asked them if it would come out on Blue-Ray at all and the response was basically, not yet because Japan doesn't have it on Blu-Ray yet and they've been asking about it too!
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