Who the !@#$ is Boota?

Topic started by gia on Oct. 30, 2008. Last post by lordhaseo 6 years, 1 month ago.
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Boota gets the girls
Boota gets the girls
Boota, the adorable sunglasses-wearing molepig, is kind of an unusual specimen...even for a creature called a "molepig." He's smaller than the other molepigs we see, and he never changes appearance no matter how much time passes, whether the seven year timeskip or the decades-later epilogue. He understands what humans say, even if he can't talk himself. And-- spoiler alert! --during the final battle with the Anti-Spiral, Boota actually briefly becomes human!

The series explains that because Boota has spent so much time with the super-Spiral Powered Simon, he over time absorbed some of the spiral energy, which he expelled in a burst of will that made him temporarily human. But could this energy stunt his growth and/or prevent his aging? Simon and other humans have way more spiral energy, but HE ages like crazy.

So, what do you think? Is Boota just the victim of spiral energy radiation? Or is he something other than an average molepig?
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Well perhaps at one point he was an average molepig, but over time (I'd say he has been around Simon for quite some time before the series starts due to intelligence he displays) he became much more. Unless an average molepig is of human-level intelligence (or quite close).
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I watched my Gurren Lagann DVDs on my PC "with" a friend who was watching on his PC at his house. Any time Boota came on screen it was a subtle acknowledgement of an Internet high-five. Any time Boota saved the day (which he did plenty of times, and at CRITICAL MOMENTS) it took every ounce of resistance not to leave my house and punch that friend in the face and just applaud with rootin' cheers. Nothing had me more pumped up in this show than seeing Boota do basically anything, because everything he did was crucial to the plot and totally freakin' rad.
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the only thing i know about Boota is he is somewht a pervert XD
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Boota likes to climb into the cleavage between Yoko Ritona's  breasts because it's a much more rewarding experience than hanging around with some male kid.  I think Boota knew Simon needed someone to lean on, whereas Yoko always stood on her own two feet.  But were I Boota, I know who I'd hang with:  Yoko.
Post by Nerx (13,853 posts) See mini bio Level 12
Damn' i wish i was Boota

superpowers include cleavage teleportation
Post by lordhaseo (2,509 posts) See mini bio Level 7
i love it when Boota trancforms it sooooo cool like the voice acter to!!!!!!! XD
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I don't see anything special about it.
Post by lordhaseo (2,509 posts) See mini bio Level 7
hes cooler that way!!
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