Watch & Learn: Gurren Lagann #7

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Yoko's already dressed for the shore.
Yoko's already dressed for the shore.

Team Gurren-Lagann’s accumulating quite a roster of amazing friends. They’re rolling so deep right now, it’s almost like this an RPG! Ha! I think it’s a great sick joke how all these survivors are finding hope and inspiration in this gang of knuckleheads. I suppose when you’re at the end of the world, beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to who their heroes are. Credit ought to be given to Simon for actually using his brains this time ‘round. That moment where he reveals his drill-based trap to the giant Gunman was quite crafty.

We get the revelation of the Gunman factory not only being mobile, but also being a giant Gunman in itself. Even though everybody acts shocked… let’s be honest, they really should’ve figured that a couple episodes back. Then again, this show's stressed from the beginning that these characters don’t exactly possess the same kind of cunning, deductive minds as like, say, L. They’re brawny hard bodies who like to party… they’re like… they’re like the JERSEY SHORE crew of the mecha world!

Ewwww… I feel kind of dirty for actually putting that thought into your minds. Let’s just pretend I’m pulling an INCEPTION now and extracting that idea. There. You’ll never have to think of that again.

You know, it’s pretty clear that Yoko’s supposed to end up with one of these guys eventually. That’s how all these kind of rousing adventures play out anyway, right? But I can’t guess which one it’s going to be, yet. Will she tame wild man’s man Kamina and get him to grow up? Or will she get timid soul Simon to come out of his shell (and also get him to grow up?) The lines for this inevitable love triangle aren't readily apparent as they were for ESCAFLOWNE!

Watch this episode “You’re Gonna Do It!!” below and here, and read my comments on the previous episode here


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I need to pick Gurren Lagann back up, I started watching it and then just dropped it at some point. I'll get round to it.
Also, that youtube video isn't working, though I'm not sure why you put a youtube video of anime up on here anyway... unless it's from an official Gurren Lagann youtube channel or something.
I won't spoil what happens with the love triangle, and I hope nobody else in the comments does that either.
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This is about where I dropped it, it just got to silly for me.  Like you say they are like the Jersey Shore of Anime which wasn't what I wanted.  Going to continue it here and we will see what happens if I like the rest of it.  Still hoping we see how they connect it to the beginning with the ship...
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a few things change next episode
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Yeah, this is actually a bad place to drop the series.  It takes a bit of a turning point in the next few episodes.  While there's still some ridiculousness and they never really get much smarter, it isn't nearly as over-the-top as a lot of the early episodes are.
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Yoko may be "dressed for the shore," but she doesn't act like a JS girl, me thinks. 
Please continue watching this show, and have fun.
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I don't know why, but I can't seem to remember a lot of the things that happened at the beginning of Gurren. I enjoyed the series, but I guess it really was one of those enjoy it while you watch it series. 
For anyone who's interested the videos are also posted on 
Hulu (USA) - -
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gurren lagann "definds" the word -EPIC-, nothing will ever be more epic then gurren lagann!
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Don't underestimate the power of Simon's drill! (that means you too, Yoko ;) ) If you are losing interest in this show now then you are missing out on some big events. And the battles get more and more epic as they become grander in scale.

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I am SO looking forward to you doing the next episode. Frankly, it's the episode I've been waiting for.
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I am really, really confused at this point. I just watched what was labeled as "episode 7" on netflix, and this isn't it. It skipped way past the fight alluded to in episode 6 to an episode where they are attempting to claim the flying gunmen ship for themselves. 
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@frsty13: Well I don't know if I would say it gets less over the top, but rather more serious, epic  things are taking place around the craziness. Also, later on it's more bad ass crazy than zany crazy. But I do agree that this is a bad place to drop the show. 
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@AgentJ: Yeah, the netflix order is screwed up for like 5 episodes.  The series is on Hulu however, so you can probably catch the out of order episodes there.   
@OnlyWonderBoy:  Yeah, I think you're right.  It's more of a balance between the completely ridiculous moments (which are just as ridiculous as the beginning) happening less often combined with a darker, more serious story surrounding it.
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Love triangle and jersey shore lol. keep watching this is where it gets real interesting. I remember reading once that the writers changed some things because they wanted the show to have an emotional impact on the viewers that was much greater than the first few eps. thus the next ep is what the came up with.
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well the anime it's not bad but please *blush* put some close on
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Woah, that image freaked me out!
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I can't wait to see what you think of the next episode, exciting stuff happens
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Gurren Lagann!!
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I really need to get back to watching this.  I stopped at the first part of the series.
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The last episode is the craziest episode of anything ever.
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