Watch & Learn: Gurren Lagann #6

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  The kid was sort of dressed like this.
 The kid was sort of dressed like this.

For those of you wondering why it’s been about a week since I last posted a Watch & Learn here, the explanation consists of only two words… Comic Con. I was there for 4 ½ days and the experience is always overwhelming. It’s stressful in the prep and it leaves you absolutely exhausted once it’s over. I’m still recovering, actually. Anyway, among the thousand and one things relating to the con that I could talk about… I want to mention how the convention’s just an endless parade of “worlds colliding.” Specifically, there was the very surreal moment when GURREN LAGANN’s Simon stopped by my publisher’s booth right after I did a signing.

That’s right, a Simon cosplayer was at Archaia Studio Press’ booth. Unfortunately, I was on the way out, so I didn’t get to talk to him, but that was a real life “cross-over” if I ever saw one.

Anyway, onto this episode…

Kancho! The world’s grossest prank has finally reared its head into the anime I’m watching.  I’m more familiar (not intimately, though) with the Korean equivalent, dong chim, because there were a lot of Korean exchange students at my high school.  And, boy, did they love to poke each other. 
I shouldn’t be surprised that it’s shown up in GURREN LAGANN and in such a… graphically abstract faction. Kamina inflicting kancho on himself to peep over the wall - - like it’s a video game tactic - - was so delightfully bizarre, I don’t really have words for it.

This whole episode follows the usual “honey trap” trope from fiction, wherein the heroes are enticed with the prospect of sex, only to realize they’ve walked into a trap. Once again, I find it infinitely amusing that Team Gurren Lagann basically gets to enjoy all the perks of that and then smash their way out of any consequences. They can have their cake and eat it, too.

And, one last thing… clarify this for me, people. Are the bunnies supposed to be a reference to DAICON IV?

Watch this episode, "Sit in the Hot Tub 'Till You're Sick!!" below and here, and read my comments on the last episode here.  

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FMA B on a GL post? 0_o
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@Tom_Pinchuk:  Lol...I think someone mistakenly added the video for their FMA: Brotherhood Watch and Learn section and put it here n_n
@CapeBarnes said:
" FMA B on a GL post? 0_o "
I thought the same thing lol
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Yeah I definitely think that's a Daicon Refence.I am suprised that you didn't notice Asuka and Rei were two of the bunnies. That entire scene was basically for Gainax fanservice.
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So... you didn't notice that Asuka and Rei were all over Kamina?
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@Ryuku_Ryosake: Looking at it again... A-HA! There they are, indeed.
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@SamJaz:  Not at first!
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Don't worry Tom, I'm not hip on catching Gainax's self-references. But you couldn't expect anything else (or less) from Team Gurren than having their cake and eating it too.
I think there is supposed to be a unedited version of this episode in the series (as part of having 27 eps). I didn't see this kind of ep coming but it was a good laugh with all the barely concealed nude running and fighting.

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@Tom_Pinchuk: Well, I wasn't that aware of NGE when I watched it, so neither did I at first.
@sotyfan16: Yeah, there is an uncensored version. There isn't any higher degree of nudity in it, but it's a good laugh to see Kamina's extended antics to see female flesh.
And now that I remember, this episode, believe it or not, was actually important in the overall plot. Specifically, on the true nature of the Ganmen. Notice how the only beastmen-driven mech that could operate onscreen after the sun went down was driven by steam and thermal water. That's important.

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@sotyfan16: Yeah, I was going to commented about there being a lot more strategic genital covering here than even in Austin Powers.
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