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  Look at that. This mecha dwarfs galaxies!
 Look at that. This mecha dwarfs galaxies!

Wow... Gainax never ceases to leave me at a loss for words with a conclusion. We've gone through 26 episodes and however many weeks of analysis up to this point, and all I can think is...

...the mechas flung galaxies at eachother like shuriken!

That is genuinely, legitimately, beyond-a-shadow-of-doubt something I've never seen anywhere else. Something I never could've thought of. The best comparison I can make is to the comic,  SCUD THE DISPOSABLE ASSASSIN, and that isn't an adequate comparison. GURREN LAGANN is an adolescent fever dream. It's fueled by emotion and energy, not reason. The spiral dial exploding from its confines, the Russian doll-style Gurren Lagann attack, Boota's last-minute humanization, the nonsensical anti-spiral/spiral rivalry and its accompanying metaphysical gobbligook... it all feels like something a hyper kindergarten's making up on the fly.  

And that isn't a criticism!  

None of this stuff needs to make sense. In fact, the show's better if it doesn't, and that's really beyond the whole notion of "dumb fun."  This whole thing reminds me of that old observation about how every kid in kindergarten loves to draw, only for the world to beat that interest of them with each grade. GURREN LAGANN is not for those with constipated imaginations.

  It's crazy to think about how drastically this show's evolved since the first episode.
 It's crazy to think about how drastically this show's evolved since the first episode.

This is one of those rare times I've watched something that truly felt like a lucid dream. Nia’s “vanishing” is really part and parcel of that. She’s like this dream of a girl that Simon's holding onto as long as he can, even he's starting to wake up and lose her. Look at her character through that context, and her impossible purity makes a lot more sense in the scheme of the show's metaphor.

On a serious note, while I preferred EVANGELION as a drama, I think the philosophical message  was presented more cogently than in this show.  They basically have the same theme, but this doesn't have a lot of confusing, knotted-up psycho-dialogs. Anyway, the way I see it is... most limitations facing you are self-imposed.  They're given power simply by your perspective and attitude. So just because the anti-spiral presents his argument that spiral power is dangerous to the cosmos, that’s ultimately only his assessment. These knuckleheads don’t have to accept his reality over theirs. And that's a message you can actually apply to your life.

I still need time to digest this. I think we'll be talking about this for a while.

Watch this final episode, “All the Lights in the Sky are Stars” below, make your own decisions and read my comments on the previous episode here.  


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I absolutely love this episode. When I first started watching anime whenever a character made one of those big "we will overcome" speeches I would go nuts, then I got jaded to them, but the one that Simon gives here... heck I won't lie, I keep that on my ipod and listen to that speech when I'm at the gym XD
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There's a whole lot of anime that I love. It's a long list. And...I get flack for it from friends who feel this show isn't academic or complex enough, but this show is at the top of it. No other show inspires me like this. No other show makes me feel the way this one does. TTGL set out to make a simple point, and it succeeds with flying colors. That's all it had to do anyway. But on top of that, it was insanely awesome and epic, in the truest senses of the words. 
Some people don't like the ending, but it's fitting. Simon is obviously still chugging along behind the scenes. Little spoiler from the end of the second movie: 
But great show. Thanks for watching Tom. It's been fun to read these.
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I love this series sooooo much! This was the only anime to make me cry in the end. It was a great show!
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Good to know that you enjoyed this series. Anyway, have you ever looked into watching Gunbuster and Diebuster, which are also Super Robot anime titles from Gainax?
Post by sotyfan16 (1,342 posts) See mini bio Level 20 mention about the 10 year time lapse (the characters don't age well, do they? lol)? This series was very inspiring and I want along for the outragious ride with no complaints as everything made sense (yes, even the astrophysics). Simon became a real man and it was really awesome at the end of the fight how the mech kept breaking into its previous form for a final attack. I was really sad when Nia disappeared and I would have liked to have seen a shrine around Kamina's grave. 

Good job with the series Tom and I'm glad you liked it. It's been one hell of a ride.

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This is honestly one of my favorite episodes of any show ever.
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Now that this series is over. It would be interesting to see what you pick next, I hope it's something I'm more interested in following as well and joining in on the conversation in a more meaningful way. While I liked Gurren Lagann. I could not get into the dub version, and I couldn't find an official version of the subtitles online. I also am still not sure if I want to even watch the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood series at all.
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Glad you enjoyed it. I want to raise a question on your thoughts on the soundtrack. The past three episodes of the series featured a song called "Libera Me From Hell", which is a dramatic piano piece with the "Raw raw fight da powah!" rap Vs an opera singer, and it is epic as hell. Here's a link.
I have only seen two things in anime that have beaten the final episode of Gurren Lagann. First is the most obvious, the second Gurren Lagann Movie, Lagann-Hen. You thought using galaxies as shuriken was insane? You've seen nothing.
The second one is the final arc of FMA: Brotherhood. I shit you not. It reaches the same levels of awesome, but in a much more realistic manner and, due to the nature of the show, you shout "HOLY SHIT!" much louder because frankly, you don't expect FMA to be a universe where... shit, I can't even give an example without giving a spoiler.
Trust me, there's a reason why Brotherhood ranks with TTGL and 300 in terms of epic.


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This show is just epic in many ways but its ruin if you try to add any logic to it.
Nice that you watched it Tom, now go on and finish Darker than Black if your plaining on your next Anime to watch.
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I cried like a fat goth chick watching twilight, at the end of this series....
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I was wondering how long it would take you to comment on the fact that the final battle involved tossing GALAXIES as projectiles. When that final battle got that epic I knew that Gurren was going to be a series that I remember forever, down to the last moment in the final battle when the Gurren is drilling towards the antispiral.
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I am going to have to watch some of these ending episodes again before I can comment....I don't think it falls apart if you apply logic and thought to it, it is just actually much deeper than I thought.  Wow...did it really due a 180.  Hmm  I prefer eva and though others seem to disagree I agree that the messages are very similar, though I think the message may be a little different than what you have but like I said need to go back and rewatch...
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It's been a while since your last Cowboy Bebop Watch and Learn. Are you taking a break or do you not like the show?
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Only finished it a few days ago, and while I wasn't as impressed with it as you were (perhaps I've seen some of the anime archetypes used in the series too often before, I have definitely seen things resembling Nia's final scene among others ) i don't think there's any denying that Gurren Lagann is among the most epic things in the history of mankind.  
Of course, you already know what series I think you should do next... 
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I love the amount of intelligence they put into the "Dumb fun" of this series
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the worst part of finishing this show, you realize you'll never see something this cool again
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@AgentJ:  Nope, I did Beck. I also did Highschool of the Dead. Tom's not getting either of them or I'll go mope in a corner.
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someday we will have that technology someday
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@SamJaz said:
" @AgentJ:  Nope, I did Beck. I also did Highschool of the Dead. Tom's not getting either of them or I'll go mope in a corner. "
Beck is good enough to do twice. 
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