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 This is Rossiu...
 This is Rossiu...

“So I don’t see you for a while… and you have to go and turn into a real boring bitch!”

Damn, girl! Now, that’s an entrance line! Yoko’s back with a .50 cal bullet! Woo! And so have I similarly returned to LA after playing my part in Whiskey’s event-to-end-all-events, the Big Big Live Show - - I’ve returned to the gonzo mecha future of GURREN LAGANN!

OK… before I get to anything else, I have to say that somebody at Gainax has to big fan of Biblical stories, because the allusions keep coming up in their work. EVA was just teaming with Gnostic symbolism and while FLCL didn’t have obvious parallels, I’m sure somebody with more a comparative text bent could make a case for it being a seriously cracked, pop rock riff on the Book of Job. Or some such. So now we’ve got Rossiu’s plan to build an outer space Noah’s ark (and they’ve been in Arc Gurren the whole time! Aaaaaaaaahh! It’s been in front of my face all along!) and I’m seriously wondering if their next plan’s going to be building a Babal-esque tower to the Moon’s heavenly surfaces.

 ...and this is Dan Hibiki, the laughing stock of the Street Fighter universe. Notice the resemblance?
 ...and this is Dan Hibiki, the laughing stock of the Street Fighter universe. Notice the resemblance?

On a lighter night, I was pleasantly amused to see Simon assaulted in the prison showers by a feather-less Foghorn Leghorn. That’s what I love about anime - - they’re always willing to take it there. Though, I suppose his manliness is less at a threat from a giant chicken than it would be from a giant bear (if you’re hip to the innuendo.) Although, honestly, this portion was a lot more fun than the rest. Some good old fashioned bathroom brawling instead of all the boring-yet-compelling political intrigue and concerns about these characters starting families.

I think I’ve hit on Rossiu’s problem. He’s actually got a generally-rational point-of-view on handling this disaster, but the problem is… the suit makes the man. You might share a name with one of the greatest philosophes in history (as Zaldar pointed out) but if you’ve got a ridiculous haircut, nobody’s going to listen to what you have to say. It’s the same as your boss coming into work with a bad tie. Rossiu might be the most fit to lead, but nobody’s going to take him seriously when he’s got Dan Hibiki’s hair cut.

Watch this episode below, "Oh God, To How Far Will You Test Us?" decide for yourself and then read my comments on the previous episode here.  

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The thing is, Dan Hibiki was meant to be a parody of the most obnoxious man in Western martial arts cinema, and the one big-name tough-guy actor who could reasonably be accused of being a weeaboo (a term I ordinarily hate), but not to his face - Steven "I Won't Job To God"* Segal. 
*I'm counting the fact that he technically killed himelf in Machete, instead of getting killed by Machete, as his attempt to find a compromise way of losing to Danny Trejo.
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@Count_Zero: You sir, get +5 points for working some wrestling slang into our parlance here. Now that he's turned heel, Rossiu totally needs to job to Simon in a squash match that gives him a lurid red mask. 
The funny thing is, Dan's actually an elaborate jab at SNK's STREET FIGHTER rip-off, ART OF FIGHTING. He's got the features of both leads from that game.
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Next episode is a breather, and then it's time to race to the finish!
About Rossiu...I don't think he's so much lacking in presentation as he's simply in the wrong universe.  In the real world, many people accept that sacrifices aimed at the greater good are morally acceptable, but others don't, and TTGL is told from the latter perspective almost exclusively.  That isn't to say there won't be loss in conflict, but on this analysis people put themselves in harm's way.  We're meant to condemn Rossiu for his arrogance in assuming others' lives are his to gamble with, especially as he hides behind his office and his "duty."
If most of the old Dai-Gurren Brigade is either unfit to govern or don't take the job seriously enough, Rossiu has made the opposite mistake.  He governs like a relatively charismatic  accountant.
And wasn't it just a breath of fresh air to have Yoko back?
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@vergilius: Yeah, he's definitely in the right. You should listen to him in real life. But he is kind of a twat. Seriously -- he locked Simon up and sentenced him to death? Definitely not sensible.
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Again, Rossiu is one character voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch that just does not jive with me. But speaking of voices, I like hearing Yuri Lowenthal (Yukinari Sasaki of Girls Bravo) do a manlier voice in Simon and Michelle Ruff (Miharu Sena Kanaka of Girls Bravo and Rukia Kuchiki of Bleach) as the role-changing Nia and sexy badass Yoko Littner. 
I find it fun that Lord Genome's head was kept around. With the "new" advancement of humanity the underground kids didn't get to play kickball with it. No, he's worth his weight in salt and you will find out even moreso why soon Tom. And Tom, you had nothing to say Simon and Viral?

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I pretty much hated Rossiu from the point of the trial foreword. He never really redeemed him self in my eye, I have seen him as a sniveling little "you know what". What he reveals in this episode doesn't help much, save what I want and f*** all the rest. He seams to be working on a different goal from the rest of the group, relenting to what he perceives as a grater power. As Die Gurren fights to be over powered by no one.

I don't know maybe I'm talking out my a**.

And yes Yoko is always refreshing.

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I think I may of gone more with the idea that your boss won't take you seriously if you have a mullet hair cut. I actually worked at a place that encouraged wild ties on certain days.
I do wish I could find an official online source for the subs. I just can't get into this dub cast. Even with Kamina gone. The level of emotions never seem to match well with the animation. The actors never sound as intense as the characters seem to be expressing.
Uh, I never realized how much Rossiu looks similar to Dan, but I haven't played Street Fighter in a LONG time.
It is one matter to arrest someone on political grounds, but to go so far as to be an utter A-hole to give the death sentence. It's as if he's trying to have some sick form of compassion. I'm still shocked Yoko didn't just bust him out right away.

Funny you should mention the Big Live Show here. Considering how Anime Vice was pretty well snubbed from the whole seven hours, but I'll save that for the review I plan to write once I'm caught up on things.
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Yeah, the death sentence is the creators almost screaming for you to hate this guy. It's almost too blatant, but that's so tiny a complaint, it doesn't count. 
The next episode is a breather, yes, but it's one helluva story, and a beautiful one at that. Also, unlike most side-stories, this one has a wicked ending that brings us right back to the action. Enjoy.
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You're gonna have to watch the movies after this. And yes, next episode will be easy, but after that?
It's gonna blow your mind.
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Rossiu seemed to have the right intentions up until the point where he conspired with the other Politicos in Kamina city to hand Seemon the death sentence. That was going too far. Especially considering the fact that Seemon was the main pilot of the Gurren which was basically the main resource left to fight against the devastation of society. I didn't get his intentions after that. Seemed like the writers wanted to make sure you hated him rather than leaving a gray area.
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Agreed not allowing him to be given enough of a grey area was one of the few mistakes this show made.  Granted I don't like the philosphy he represents much Roussiou would have made a terrible leader as is shown here but then in reality most philosophers would I expect.  Not enough real world emphasis in philosophy for my tastes.  But then I am a realist more than a romantic, though I do like me some kirkegard. 
Never thought of FLCL as the book of job going to have to look at that some more, and yes eva was heavy on the christian symbolism but I have yet to see big huge robots piolited by children in the bible (though granted some of the things in it if taken literaly are quite as weird but then that is why you don't take them literally). 
And thank you for the shout out, I'm going to go party now ;).
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@zaldar I'm not too keen on painting philosophers as "impractical" ivory tower theorists.  The whole point of theory is to make practical problems intelligible.  Granted there are some philosophers who would dispute that, but that sort of goes back to the broad brush thing I said earlier.  Whether or not something is "practical" to you depends mostly on whether or not you agree with it.  I'll leave you with about the only thing said by J.M. Keynes that I agree with:

The ideas of economists and political philosophers, both when they are right and when they are wrong, are more powerful than is commonly understood. Indeed the world is ruled by little else. Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist. 

@Tom_Pinchuk Just to clerify, I count myself as one of the people who think sacrificing some for "the greater good" is unethical.  I was just pointing out that in the world of TTGL, this seems to be the default assumption rather than a point of contention.
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