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 I wondered what was up with all the grown-up Simon images in the database....
 I wondered what was up with all the grown-up Simon images in the database....

Ah, I love flashforwards. Or, as Godlen likes to call them, timeskips. You get to see young characters grow up and get into fresh new circumstances while skipping all the boring stuff in between. Anybody else remember the one in TEKKEN 3? It’s 15-17 year jump was a bit more drastic than the 7-year-long one here, but I’ll mention it because I’m still convinced that Lord Genome won the King of Iron Fist Tournament at some point. SamJaz wasn't speaking metaphorically about childhood being over either, was he?

There’s a lot to cover in this one, so I’m going to approach it rapid fire. Picture Yoko, laying out a cliff top with her sniper rifle primed, and these points are going to fly up like skeets.

Pull… BANG!

I called that Nia was a sleeper agent! I called it! Though it’s probably not going to be any less heartbreaking, now. Seems like she’s more of “Manchurian Candidate” for Tron after it got infected by the Phalanx... if you can reconcile all those references.

Pull… BANG!  

Nia’s got to have the oddest kinds of naiveté. She didn’t accept Simon’s proposal because she thought they’d be literally fused together? I suppose it’s a dangerous game to use metaphors around her - - although Simon was a bit smoother about this kind of stuff than Kamina was.

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Ha! If Simon was a bad choice to lead the rebels, he’s an even worse choice to run a city. Drilling might be a good skill underground, a good skill for battle… but it’s not going to be too helpful for this job unless he’s going to drill taxes out of the people. Ay-oh!

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Lord Genome’s prophecy had to be one of the most thinly-disguised riddles I’ve ever heard. Bad, Moon-related things happen when the population passes a certain threshold. C'mon, that was too easy! I suppose he was playing to his audience though. Make the riddle much more complex and it’d confuse these knuckleheads more than scare ‘em.

Pull… BANG!  

Quick theory now! Lord Genome actually had humanity’s interest at heart. He kept them underground and used the Beast Man to periodically keep their population down so as to prevent this prophecy. He was actually a good guy!

Watch this episode below, "You Understand Nothing!" below and read my comments on the previous episode here.  


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No comment on your last point. I found it really ironic though that it was the baby of one of the Black Siblings that was the 1Mth human. I really like how everyone is older now but Rossiu gets on my nerves even more as a bonus. You might develop a theory about him in the upcoming eps as well.  

Another point that struck me odd is how many people still refused to believe the surface was safe or inhabitable and stayed underground. In addition, why 1M? I also chuckled at how while living underground people appreciated what they had and now they only worry about their worldly possessions. At least now they action gets even more epic than it already was (yes, it's possible).

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Fun fact, in the movies, the limit was that the moon would kill 'em all if they ever went into space, which also makes much more sense.
Glad to see that you're looking into the subtext again. It's not gonna be a free ride, but all the awesome shit you have seen so far is nothing.
For one thing, romance isn't the only thing that Simon is better than Kamina at.
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To be fair Kamina's time in the series was Simon had more of a chance to grow into his role with the Gurren
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@Gasero: True, but remember that half of the stuff Kamina did he did because he wanted Simon to think he was cool. Like he told Yoko, Simon was a true man who kept digging, while Kamina just ran his mouth off and looked cool, and even though everyone believed him, Kamina knew that Simon was the one made of man material. 

Simon is so awesome it's crazy. Kamina is just awesome because he's crazy.
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