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  I hate to say it, but she really hasn't been contributing that much to the war effort.
 I hate to say it, but she really hasn't been contributing that much to the war effort.
Ahhhhh… the recap episode. The standard mid-point of any self-respecting anime series. You know, I’ve griped about these in the past, but you really need 'em, because it’s really easy to forget the whole story after 15 episodes. For one,  seeing this now, I realize that Kamina really isn’t in this series for that long. Maybe only a third? I suppose he's there, in spirit, for the whole thing, though.

A number of you have pointed how this is supposed to be mecha’s great reconstructionist work after EVANGELION thoroughly deconstructed the genre. That’s a lot more blatant when the whole series gets summarized like this.   GURREN LAGANN’s about the power of positive thinking and how believing in yourself can not only allow you to do amazing things, it can also inspire  your friends to be the best that they can be. The value of "dreaming the impossible dream," so to speak. EVA was about a bunch of damaged human beings meeting their doom. You had the theme of perception shaping reality, of course, but the final note was about Shinji using his life-shaping powers for “disgusting” purposes. That's not quite uplifting.

And, once again, what eyebrow-raising music choices, right? GURREN LAGANN’s channeling some old school NWA with that “fight the power" song. Although, it’s kind of like when Radio Disney re-tools some pop song. They make it about Mickey and Donald instead of, say, boats ‘n hoes.

I’m still can’t think of what could possibly come next. Team Dai Gurren’s defeated all the bad guys. With Lord Genome gone, there’s nobody left to beat. What could there possibly be left to do? Will the team just go to some other neighborhood and pick of a fight with a whole new posse of villains? I honestly can’t guess what’s next.

Anyway, watch this episode, “Entire Polysynthesis” below, decide for yourself, and then read my comments on the previous episode here

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I love this show, it's the boobs that I love the most.
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@Trnck said:
" I love this show, it's the boobs that I love the most. "
I agree but the story and other stuff was good too :P 
And i am fine with the fight the poWAH song. it's kinda catchy.
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@Trnck said:
" I love this show, it's the boobs that I love the most. "
Yeah Nia boobs are nice...wait wat?
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hmm wow I really disagree with your interpretation of eva.  Interesting.  Note I haven't watched the movies as I was happy with the end of the show.  My interpretation was that all humanity joined together to become a sort of overmind since shinji realized there was actually a point to existence and it could be good as opposed to awful.  We advanced in the next step to evolution (which fits with some of the alternative gospels in the dead sea scrolls charles especially I think it is) not a disgusting thing at all really.  May have to rewatch this been years...
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Just remember what Lord Genome said at the end of episode 15, he says it for a reason.
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Very disappointed in you Tom. When we said that this was a Reconstruction of Eva, we didn't mean that it's the opposite.
Eva (Deconstruction): Takes apart the aspects of your favourite mecha anime and explains in detail why it would suck.
Gurren Lagann (Reconstruction): Takes the broken parts of Eva and makes them awesome again.
From now on, watch this show as if you're watching Eva.  Childhood is over. This is one seriously heady anime disguised as happy fun time.
"When one million hairless apes walk the earth, the moon shall become a messenger of death to humanity."  - LordGenome
Tom, this anime is not mindless fun. This is the Rebuild of Evangelion. Putting Right what Eva made Wrong.
Pay attention in future. Shit's about to get real.
And make sure you watch the two movies afterwards.

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Gurren Lagann is basically a homage/tribute to the mecha genre in general, you just ended the 70s and 80s era and are getting into newer territory.
Not sure where this reconstruction nonsense is coming from, almost all super robot shows were about hot bloodedness and over coming obstacles thanks to friendship, love, courage ect. GL didn't do much different.
GL isn't "deep" or do anything really new for the genre but its fucking fun as all.
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"I hate to say it, but she really hasn't been contributing that much to the war effort. "

Umm, other than saving Kamina, Simon, and Nia several times. And having years of combat experience before she met the them all. So yeah...
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"Fight The Power" was Public Enemy. Just spot checking.
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The song is called "Libere Me From Hell". The song itself is different than what you think from hearing "Row (Bro), row (bro), fight the power!".  

Finally in the next ep we get to see the awesomeness and badassery go 10x higher!!!

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@sotyfan16: Well actually, the whole rap motif (row, row, fight the power) isn't just that one song, but a whole slew of remixes. The name of the original is a really long name I'm not going to put here, but there's an orchestral version, a plain rap groove, and then Libera Me From Hell, which is a mixing of the rap with some traditional/orchestral epicness...and it's best not to spoil what that's all about until he hears it himself.
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Everyone loves boobs.
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