Watch & Learn: Gurren Lagann #12

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  None of you can dispute this.
 None of you can dispute this.

There have been enough innuendoes in this show for me to be pretty sure I’m too off-base in assuming that Dai Gurren (or whatever the mega, ultra mech is called) is meant to look like its running around with a giant, raging boner.  Out of all the ways to make this thing look like a big robot battleship, they design it such that there’s a long landing strip extending out of its crotch.   There was definitely a lot of sexual tension in this show to begin with, to be sure. Though, even though the crew’s a bunch of horny guys, they don’t seem to actually ever act on it.  No one outside of Kamina’s even tried to hit on Yoko yet!

Glad to see Gainax mixing up the locales for this episode. It reminded me a lot of one of my favorite EVANGELION episodes - - the aquatic combat one that introduced Asuka.   I usually find submarine or naval warfare movies to run a little dry (pun intended) with all the listing of coordinates and waiting for torpedoes to load and so on, so it was definitely a lot more interesting to see some underwater fisticuffs here.  I love how thorough the ranks of the beastman’s legions are.  There’s something wonderfully whacked about seeing evil dolphins towing torpedoes and evil fish manning radar controls.

Glad to see that Nia and Yoko have buried the hatchet about the boys - - and in such a dramatic fashion! Having verbal confrontation regarding their rivalry just doesn’t bring the same kind of closure as a sniper rifle save does. What’s up with those red puzzle pieces in Nia’s eyes, though? They’re freaking me out.



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It will blow your mind when the reveal comes.
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They are the missing pieces to your heart, Tom. Boner came (yeah, I said it) immediately to my mind when I saw the battleship as well.

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If you're going with the boner innuendo what would the danggly thing off the underside be? (third bridge? i think it was called)
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I personally think her eyes look like the clouds from Spongebob, but that's just me. 
And does kinda look like a boner...go with it. It's TTGL...sometimes it's best to not ask questions and just go along with it for now. 
You're right though. There is very little water in this show, and you might say there's some deeper meaning whenever you do see it. There are definitely a few watershed (yeah, I said it) episodes to come involving de' agua.
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@mediaright: Spongebob reference indeed in Nia's eyes. 
And I love this episode, mainly for Yoko's development as a character. And I actually love her swimsuit, too.  
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You know what, i've never noticed that it looked like a raging boner...
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I noticed the giant penis!! Hell, if mecha can have arms, legs & heads & speak....why no penis??!! Yay penis!! I wonder if there are more mecha with penis.
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I think the Gainax staff was well aware of all the references they planned to put in the show as they were creating it. The Robot ship was one of the best. I don't recall any of the characters mentioning its odd shape either, they just let it seem natural.
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@SamJaz said:
" It will blow your mind when the reveal comes. "
don't tell him that a reveal exits, he might look it up
Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20
@kashif1: Nah, he won't. He wants to watch it as someone for the first time with no prior knowledge. He won't look it up.
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those guys don't know how to treit a madam like they have too. hmph
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