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  Simon's definitely the Porky Pig of the bunch.
 Simon's definitely the Porky Pig of the bunch.

GURREN LAGANN is really starting to feel like a mecha MERRY MELODIES. I’m not even just talking about all the slapstick and THE Vaudevillian quick outfit changes. I looked off for a couple seconds and, when I looked back, I couldn’t but see Simon, Kamina and all these evil gunmen fitting right in with the LOONY TOONS. None of them are suave enough to remind me of Bugs, but you can mix and match Foghorn Leghorn’s hot air, Yosemite Sam’s bluster, Porky Pig’s neurosis and Daffy Duck’s hysteria throughout the whole cast here.  I’m even seeing some Pepe Le Pew in Leeron.

  Cape-wearing, mecha-piloting Yosemite Sam.
 Cape-wearing, mecha-piloting Yosemite Sam.

Man… I don’t even know how to critically evaluate this show anymore. This episode, in particular, took so many bizarre turns that I couldn’t really say if something was good or bad, I just had to sit back and try to take in what was unfolding. When the “Black Siblings” showed up in those weird shrouds (ponchos?), I honestly was about to say that Team Gurren was getting ambushed by Sid and Marty Kroft.  Then they tried to eat some Sno Balls but the Sno balls turned alive, jumped into some mecha suits and attacked them all, which I suppose is the kind of nightmare anybody would have while napping after eating too many Hostess pastries. And, was it just me, or did the Sno-Balls keep reassembling their multi-face mecha simply because it looked cool? I figure, if you’re already assembled, there’s really no reason to keep disassembling to just reassemble again - - unless you're trying impress somebody. == TEASER==

Ahhhh… I’m lost. I’m wandering around, scared, in the desert with no compass and no sense of direction. I’m following this gang of Team Gurren knuckleheads because they seem to know where they’re going. Actually, they don’t, but I suppose it’s either them or the furries, and I’ve been to enough conventions to know that, no matter what the alternative is, you stay away from the furries.

Watch this episode, “Does Having So Many Face Make You Great?” below and here, and read my comments on the previous episode, here


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Don't worry, this episode is probably the least liked even among the hardest core of Gurren fans. The art, story, and characters all took a quality dive in this one. Keep it up; it gets much better.
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Wait, there's an episode four now? That's news to me. As I remember it, there was an episode three, and then it went straight to five. Or maybe it's because this episode resulted in someone losing their job. 
Again, I'm looking forward to episode number
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wow seriously someone lost their job over this episode?  Appropriate as this was the episode I stopped following the show..picked it up for a few eopisodes after this when I originally saw it on adult swim but definitely never finished it.
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@SamJaz:  Somebody got fired for this? Why?
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@Tom_Pinchuk: Well, he wasn't so much as fired as he resigned due to the massive flow of complaints Gainax got in response to the episode. As you noticed, everyone acted rather less that realistically, moreso than usual, but the animation and artwork in this episode was incredibly poor and lazy in comparison to every other episode in the series, and people didn't take kindly to it.
If I recall, it was one of the project leaders, which is probably why the storyline changed to how it was originally planned.
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the person resigned because he shot his mouth off against the fans comments on how bad the epsiode was I believe he compared it to putting his nose next to an anus and breathing deeply or something.
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@yuetheguardian:  Yeah, that was it. Well remembered.
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Confused by Gurren Lagann? You're clearly not fighting the power.
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Online Now
This is really one of my first experiences watching the series in English. Kamina lacks a lot of the charm from the Japanese version. There just seems to be a lack of passion in his tone that is missing in the dub. He loses a lot of charm.
So far. I'm glad I stuck with the subtitles.
Women sure do seem to like having Simon's face in their breasts.
The animation is pretty sub par in this episode. Feels like they should of redone this one.
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This is the worst episode because it was guest directed by some guy who was awful.
That's all I really know about it.
And I have to say, Kittan is a straight up pimp and deserved a better introductory episode.
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Ya the one guy said this episode was really crappy, then had to resign from Gainax
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I accidentally missed this episode when I was watching TTGL, but it seems like I didn't miss much
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I haven't watched the subs for this series but I feel Kamina's dub voice (Kyle Hebert) is good. It suited Kamina better than Gohan, personally. He's macho and arrogant with an air of silliness. With Simon and breasts I think Boota has him beat with time spent in them.

Haha Bro, Bro, fight the power! 
As for the ep itself I agree with everyone that it is quite sub-par compared to other episodes. Those tiny beastmen are so weak..even when they combine. But having a large number allows to let a few go in order to confuse the enemy.
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 I think a lot of people were overall confused with episode 4. The art style changed and the character personification changed (animated movements). Then there was the exaggerated exaggerated (exaggerated squared?) silliness. The series started off silly enough, but then they made this weird experimental episode. I still don't understand why they tried a different approach to this day - there was nothin wrong with the first 3 eps.  
@Rokujo said:

" Confused by Gurren Lagann? You're clearly not fighting the power. "

Best quote I've seen in a while. Good one.
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@Olivaw: Kittan got a better introductory episode. Would you like to see it?

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I do love TTGL dearly. But this episode was something viciously awful. Don't know WHY they thought giving it to another director would be a good idea. But yeah. Keep going with it, assuming you can appreciate the series for what it is (insane), you'll get a great deal of enjoyment from it. Also, I hope that the 6th episode for the dub is the true one (it's absolutely ridiculous and hilarious), not the censored-ish flashback version. Hopefully.
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Listen to the subtitle work and Kamina is a LOT different. He just doesn't have the same tone and feel. 
In the Japanese version it feels like everything Kamina says has this level of passion behind it. I'm not feeling that from the English dub work.

Japanese Version

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I don't know if this will help you find your bearings in the show better, but, having watched the show, I got this vibe that this song would be almost the perfect anthem for the show. Not totally perfect, but kind of close. Ignore the vocalist for the moment and pay attention to the lyrics.
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I really didn't hate this episode as much as most people did and honestly can't see why it led to someone getting fired.  It was funny, waaay funnier than anything the loony toones ever did, but then I pretty much hated those and thought they were stupid even as a kid so....anyway to point out simply one mistake, he shot off his heads as cannonballs so they had to reassemble again to shoot again, it was part of his attack.  Didn't get the shrouds that is true and not sure what the big fluff balls were supposed to look like, but then I don't eat things with more chemicals than food, so anything by hostess is out for me...
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