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  Something about the look, the goggles, the lack of a shirt and the necklace makes Simon look like a world Texas Hold 'Em champion.
 Something about the look, the goggles, the lack of a shirt and the necklace makes Simon look like a world Texas Hold 'Em champion.

Oh man… this show’s making the same mistake HALO did. I’m supposed to hate the beast creatures piloting the gunmen and I can’t do that when they’re this goofy!  For Pete’s sake… that monkey man looks like he’s running around in assless chaps! How’s Simon supposed to be threatened by that? Perhaps he ought to feel threatened by that effeminate mechanic guy. People have been talking about GURREN LAGANN inverting or honoring standards of the genre. For one, all of the mecha... they’re not robo-knights like Gundams are or giant gimps like Evas are. They’re either just giant heads or they’ve got drills coming out the wazoo. Following that, I suppose it’d figure this show would riff on Gainax’s habit of having teen guys getting hit on by grown-up girls by making it an older guy doing the flirting this time.  And he’s an aggressive flirt, at that.

This episode’s already pulling at the heart string’s with the reveal of Kamina’s Dad’s tragic fate. Poor bro! I can’t help feeling like they’re trying to slyly imply that his father’s some established character whom I’m not familiar with. They never show his face, but they fixate on all that peculiar jewelry he’s got on his hands.  Maybe they’re saving a big reveal of him for later, but it sure… smells like he’s a character they don’t own the rights to. This kind of thing happens in superhero comics all the time.

I remember somebody commenting that EVA was supposed to be atypical for Gainax’s usual animation style. They were going for “photo realism” and, thus, avoided their trademark “ Gainax bounce.” I think I’m starting to get a better sense of the what Gainax's signature style is after noticing some similarities to FLCL’s animation style here. There’s a lot of extreme, curvilinear perspective, as if every frame were photographed through a fish eyes lens. To all you more experience Anime Vice lunatics - - am I getting warm?

Watch this episode, "I Said Pilot It!" below and here, read my comments about the first episode here


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In this ep you get a little better idea of what Gurren's powers are. That guy has to be a total homo, by the way, but he is a damn awesome mechanic. I don't know about Kamina's father being the rights of another company but he has little to do with the story from here on out. Focus more on the male leads as they are the ones who take the reigns and take the series into direction. The Gunmen differ numerous times as well.

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This was a pretty good episode.
I can understand what you mean about these beastmen not seeming like a real threat. At this point they do more feel like anime equivalents of the Three Stooges. I actually prefer the Marx Brothers, but I digress.
I always found it funny how in the previous episode Kamina was all over Yoko and trying to be suave when he thought she was from the surface. The moment he learned she was from an underground village too. He suddenly wanted her "big ass" out of his face.
As if where she was born effected the quality.
I'm pleased to see you use the Gainax Bounce profile I made in honor of the previous Watch & Learn.
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@dbz1995 said:

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@dbz1995: Can we not do that please? That is unnecessary. 
It's typical of a show to exposition something from a character's past just to make viewers/readers have some sympathy for them. I don't know why they felt the need to mention Kamina's father if they weren't going to do something with that plot point at the moment. In fact, I had completely forgot about that until you mentioned it. There's a lot more to get hung up on in the series though, so don't sweat that one thing.
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i just re-watched the series, best mecha anime ever.  just a word of warning, episode 4's animation is terrible
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The next episodes are rather entertaining we get to see the fulfillment of one thing in the opening credits.  I agree the beastmen themselves don't seem like much of a threat but the things they piolit do, and I suppose they are the reason the humans now have to live underground.  Interesting episode.
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 I’m supposed to hate the beast creatures piloting the gunmen and I can’t do that when they’re this goofy!  
You're not really supposed to 'hate' them, actually.  In fact, Gurren Lagann is one of the few series I can recall where you're not really supposed to 'hate' anyone.  There are protagonists and antagonists, but ultimately everyone feels like they're doing the right thing, and the leaders, if not the mooks, can at least make a decent argument to that extent.  This isn't good versus evil, it's just us verses them.
And anyway, the goofiness of the beastmen is kind of the point.  They appear, at first glance, monstrous ansd terrifying; when the gunmen bursts into Jeeha village, it looks like a demon!  But once you can get through that they're not really any different from the humans, no better and no worse, and there's no reason that a sufficiently determined human can't do everything they do.  There are exceptions, of course, some beastmen who are genuinely terrifying all on their own, but they're about as common as humans who, without a giant robot, are powerful or intimidating.
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Gurren Lagann is the exact opposite of EVA, in that it is a quality piece of television programming.
Also are you watching the dub or the sub? Because the Gurren Lagann dub is pretty good, but you should watch one episode subbed with Kamina, because that dude knows how to yell like a motherfucker!
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Ah eva haters..always so much fun.  What makes eva great is the philosophy.  Yes if you are just looking for action and kooky characters than lagaan would be the way to go.  Me, if it wasn't for this watch and learn I wouldn't be watching it.
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@Gasero:  Sorry, that was accidental. I thought it had been already shown.
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