Almost Otaku: Is Anime Getting Stale?

Topic started by No_name_here on Oct. 5, 2010. Last post by PenguinDust 4 years, 2 months ago.
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I find the majority of the gundam series to be stale as they appear to be the exact same primary plot; though I do like 00 and loved Wing as that was my first voyage into the saga.
There are a few series which haven't been stale for me; Code Geass for instance, but there are other cases where after an episode or two, I'm bored as I can see where it's going and haven't been drawn into the characters like I have been in the past.
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I am of the same mind as Tom on a couple of points.  First, I don't dwell on the negative news.  Every entertainment industry goes through phases and all (with the exception of vaudeville) eventually recover.  If things are a little tight for anime overseas it just means the studios need to rethink their direction.  Maybe so many shows don't get green-lit, maybe less new franchises or perhaps more risks are required.  I don't know, I'm not a TV programming executive.  All I know is that the same discussions are had over on Giant Bomb regarding video games all the time and there is still more than enough to play each year.  In fact, I wish there were less games because I feel I miss too many.
Secondly, I am constantly discovering new titles out there already.  I have a list here on AV so I can keep track of other people's recommendations.  Even just watching the stuff I know about can take more time that I actually have.  If there is a reason why anyone might feel anime is stale it might be because they haven't expanded their viewing options enough.  If all you watch is one particular genre or "stuff that's like _____", then you might become disappointed when you run out of similar properties.  It's important to try new things in order to grow.  Try sports anime or shoujo or something unlike your normal routine.  Sora no Woto and Yakitate!! Japan were two such successful explorations for me.
Now, I do have my favorite genres, sure and I watch a lot of anime in them, but even then I am rarely disappointed by what I see.  I have my criticisms, sure but I can't recall the last show I watched and truly disliked.  Like any movie or game, I might have preferred a different resolution, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the experience anyway.   Occasionally, there is a sameness to certain aspects but that's to be expected within some genres.  In harem comedies, characters are going to have problems confessing their emotions, in robot action shows, soldiers generally complain about having to fight before climbing into a 20 ton death machine.  It might not be a new experience each time, but that's not necessarily bad either.  In some cases, it's the storytelling equivelant to comfort food. 
I admit I am easy to please on a lot of shows.  My tastes are shallow and if a series does nothing more than distract me for a few hours I consider it a success.  But, when I am through with a show I try and organize my opinion into something cohesive.  Generally, that enables me to understand what specifically I liked and disliked within a show.  If there is a sense of  déjà vu after watching a show does that stifle the entire experience?  My recent contact with Needless confirms that even when I see similarities, I can appreciate a series for the sum of its parts and not become so intensely distracted by analogous elements that the show is ruined.  
Looking over the recent shows of this past year there is more than enough to catch my eye from Mitsudomoe to Angel Beats to Katanagatari to Kaichou wa Maid-sama! to Working!  Variety is out there but you have to want more than just a type of show you know you already like. 

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I agree with your (wordy) thoughts. I posed the question to Tom to see what the AV community felt. You and I have discussed our like of harems and while that is my favorite genre I explore most all others. Hell, I now watch about 75% of shows that come out each season because I like to be entertained. There are a few that stick out for me and I'm sure there have been 'the few' each season for many years now. I have no complaints with what anime has to offer and can find something to watch at any time.
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@PenguinDust: I don't know that I'd compare the sate of the video game industry to that of the anime industry. For popular video games, seeing 100 million dollar plus sales figures on launch day isn't uncommon, but for anime, pushing 5000 units in a products lifespan is seen as successful. 
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@sotyfan16:   Yes, I know you were playing devil's advocate for the sake of discussion.  My comments weren't meant to be directed specifically at you as we've talked about all sorts of anime here.  I meant for those complaining viewers in general.  I see them a lot more over on Giant Bomb than here.  Also, what me "wordy"?  Pashaw, I say to you!
@oishi_47:  Point well taken although 100 million plus is still a rare feat even in gaming.  Those numbers are usually for the blockbusters like Halo and Call of Duty.  250,000 or so units is often enough to be considered a success, but that depends on the expectations as well.  Last years Brutal Legend did that and it was still considered a failure.  5000 units would be paltry even for a downloadable.  5000 at $50 a pop would only be $250,000 gross.  I don't think that's enough to even pay for overhead.  But, in anime not everything is retail only.  Most shows air on TV first just like episodes of Lost and The Simpsons here.  There is none of that in gaming although you might make an argument with demos, but that only applies to games with demos and gamers with internet access.
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