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Guren Flight-Enabled is a anime/manga thing
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The Guren Flight-Enabled is the repaired and upgraded version of the original Guren Mk-II. Improved with an advanced Radiation Claw and flight ability. Piloted by Kallen Kozuki.

The Guren Flight-Enabled Knightmare is an upgraded version of the custom Knightmare Frame the Guren Mk-II that is piloted by Kallen Kozuki of the Black Knights. The designer and engineer is Rakshata Chawla. The initial Guren Mk-II was already one of the deadliest Knightmares of it's generation, but afterward the Float System was put into a higher level of application. This put the Black Knights at a distinct disadvantage. The Guren Flight-Enabled is the first purpose built Frame for the Black Knights to have a main component Float System. Now that Kallen Kozuki had an equal footing in maneuverability, she showed her superiority in the air as well as on land. This upgrade included a radiation shielding, a portable Gefjun Net disruptor, and an armor-piercing bombardment-type radiant wave surger arm. This had several enhancements over the previous two. Firstly, the limitation of close range was no more. The radiation surger was now capable of a long range beam that was just as deadly as when the Guren Mk-II had a victim in it's grasp. This same claw was also able to extend special emitters to allow for a wide range radiation wave. Though, since the radiation was being dispersed over a larger area. The most this could manage to do is immobilize all Knightmare's within it's area of effect.
The upgrade was a perils one, since it was done as the Guren Mk-II was plummeting to the ocean and was thought to be a lost cause. From the Black Knight's submarine, the first component  was launched to meet the falling Guren Mk-II in air then the Float System was added. The second was an enhanced model of the radiation surger claw. Kallen returned to battle and was victorious against members of the Britannian royal guard and three members of the Knight of the Round.
KMF Stats:
  • 4.51m / 7510kg
  • Duel-optic sights
  • 1X Slash Harken (chest-mounted)
  • 1x KMF dagger
  • Armor-piercing radiation-wave claw
  • Radiation shield emitters
  • Grenade launcher (left arm-mounted)
  • Gefjun Net
  • Chaff smoke screen
  • Float System
Pilot: Kallen Kozuki
General Information Edit
Thing Name Guren Flight-Enabled
Japanese Name: 紅蓮可翔式
Romaji Name: guren kashōshiki
Aliases Crimson Lotus Aerial-Type
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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