Gunvarrel Takeoff!

Gunvarrel Takeoff! is an anime episode of Robotics;Notes that was released on 03/15/2013
Working through the night, the Robot Research Club members and the throngs of volunteers finish modifying GunBuild-1 before the Black Hole Bomb can be launched. The club members also devise a number of strategies for the upcoming final battle.

Plot Summary

While Doc and the gang are rebuilding the GunBuild-1, Nae, Airi, and Kaito get ready to leave. At Kou's place, Kaito and the gang are in front of the EGI system, and Airi operates the machine. When Kaito presses the activation button for the NV machine, he begins to have a spasm attack. While the police passes by Frau's location, Kou attacks Kaito's gang with robots. Airi asks Kou why he wants his experiments to succeed. Kou has Geiji fire on Kaito's gang; however, the machines attack each other. Kou realizes Geiji is defective and begins to delete Geiji. Airi talks to Geiji and asks her what did she see in the outside world. Geiji replies that Airi has seen snow and bids Airi farewell. Then, it snows a bit, and Airi cries for her deceased AI counterpart.

Elsewhere, Misaki struggles to gain control over the suit, but Kou continues to heckle her. Kou remarks that Misaki is his puppet. Meanwhile, Akiho thanks everyone for their hard work. She nicknames the new robot, Super GunBuild-1. Junna brings Akiho's father over and inform Akiho about Kaito who is at the nurse's office. Nae requests Akiho to give them time to talk. Nae debriefs about the situation with Sumeragi, and when Junna mentions that they cannot get through, Subaru states that they have to delete IRUO and installing a program so Kou cannot control it. Subaru states that they need Kaito to operate the GunBuild-1, and Kaito arrives with some pain in his chest. Kaito states that he has to use that cheat move such as his slow motion attacks using the N IV machine. Akiho storms out of the room with tears when Kaito is willing to kill himself. Nae reports that the missile's launch countdown is starting.

In a room somewhere else, Akiho states that Kaito is cold and pushes her away while working himself hard for her sake. Kaito gives her a device, so she can take it to Misaki. Akiho asks Kaito to promise him not to die. Outside, Akiho is about to say something, but Kaito confesses to her that he likes her causing Akiho to blush. Akiho asks Kaito if he is okay with her, and she rubs Kaito's head when she gets frustrated. Kaito asks Akiho to give her space candy and a kiss. The two kiss each other, and dawn breaks. Suddenly, Frau screams out loud, and Subaru shakes his head round and round. When Frau teases Subaru, Subaru mentions that Frau likes Kaito. Akiho and the gang do a sound off. The gang prep the robot for start up. Kaito starts up Super GunBuild-1 and begins marching onwards.

Points of Interest


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Kaito: "And... For good luck, could I have a kiss?"
Akiho: "Huh?!"
Kaito: "No good?"
Akiho: "Okay, since this is a special occasion.."

— Akiho and Kaito before they kiss


  • Japanese Name: "Ganvareru Hasshin!" (ガンヴァレル発進!)
  • Opening Theme: "Houkyou no Messiah" by HARUKI
  • Closing Theme: "Topology" by Kanako Itou

Characters & Voice Actors

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5pb (creator) Original Concept 5pb is a company that published and created Robotic;Notes visual novel game that spawn an anime and manga adaptation.
Kazuya Nomura Director Kazuya Nomura is the director of the Robotic;Notes anime series.
Haruki OP Theme Song: "Houkyou no Messiah"
Kanako Itou ED Theme Song: "Topology"


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