Gunsmith Cats

Gunsmith Cats is an anime series in the Gunsmith Cats franchise
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Rally Vincent owns a weapons Shop called Gunsmith Cats. She has a partner that goes by the name of Minne May Hopkins. She explosives expert. They do odd jobs here and their to pay the bills. Sometimes those job get them into trouble.

 Rally Vincent is a gun seller and bounty hunter in Chicago who works with her bomb-throwing sidekick Minnie-May Hopkins and straitlaced researcher Becky Farrah. She is blackmailed by an agent from the ATF bureau into meeting with a gunrunner, whose main contact turns out to be a Russian assassin, Radinov. A local candidate for mayor decides to reward Rally's vigilante acts as a campaign gimmick, but the assassin is hiding out in the crowd for the final showdown. 

A sparky adaptation of Kenichi So-noda's 1991 manga from Comic Afternoon that steps outside the continuity of the original series, giving Rally the roguish ATF officer Bill Collins as her new "boss," and a new enemy in the form of Radinov. There are, however, several references to the manga, including the appearance of prosthetic limbs owned by Rally's manga enemies and a cameo by her Chicago PD contact Roy Coleman. Supporting character Becky becomes a stronger "part of the team" chiefly to satisfy the filmmakers' desire to reprise Charlie's Angels-a gambit that works particularly well in the bright, pop-art tones of the opening credits. Despite a setting in a fantasy Chicago like the urban war zone of Mad Bull 34's New York, GSC is remarkably lighthearted, complete with gratuitous underwear flashes, myopic bad guys who never shoot straight, and no sign of the manga's forays into drug addiction and child prostitution. The filmmakers made much of their research trips to the real Chicago, but, although intense effort is expended on the right noises for guns and cars, less thought was devoted to more important plot elements, such as how gunsmiths stow dangerous weapons, and what the police might think of an underage girl who collects hand grenades. But, apart from the holes, this is good fun, helped greatly in translation by a streetwise U.S. dub from ADV. 

Asides about May's boyfriend, Ken, imply the show was intended to go further, and if anything deserved a TV replay, it was this. Gunsmith Cats was presumably hobbled by its contemporary look; there wasn't much call for pulp crime in 1990s anime unless it had a sci-fi sheen like Cowboy Bebop. A very different, earlier version of Rally Vincent also appeared in Sonoda's Riding Bean. LNV 
Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 3
High Speed Edge
1 - 2
Swing High!
1 - 1
Neutral Zone

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Kenichi Sonoda

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General Information Edit
Name Gunsmith Cats
Name: ガンスミス キャッツ
Romaji: Gansumisu Kyattsu
Publisher ADV
Start Year 1995
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