Gunsmith Cats - Revised Edition Characters

Gunsmith Cats - Revised Edition is an manga series in the Gunsmith Cats franchise
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Bean Bandit

A courier-for-hire who is good friends with Rally Vincent.

Becky Farrah

A source of info for the underworld of Chicago in Gunsmith Cats.

Goldie Musou

A "Mafia Queen" in Chicago's underworld in Gunsmith Cats.

Irene Vincent

Irene "Rally" Vincent is a bounty hunter and owner of the Chicago gun shop Gun Smith Cats. She's a crack shot and few know more about guns than she does.

Ken Takizawa

Explosives expert in Gunsmith Cats.

May Hopkins

Minnie is small for her age (17/18 years old). She also likes explosives.

Misty Brown

Fifteen year old cat burglar.

Roy Coleman

Chicago police detective in Gunsmith Cats.

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