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Here is your justification for the amnesiac assassin character (no child in this justification): Faye Valentine.

The bottom line here is this: the amnesiac character type does not have to be an emotionless wretch. That's not how amnesia work. You lose your memory, but you don't lose the reflexive responses that is inherent to a human being. Further, even if an amnesiac was truly an empty container, that container does not, should not, stay empty. Socialization happens no matter what, and a personality is going to develop no matter what. Shows that do not allow that to happen to a character is just doing a real shitty job.

Back to Faye. For those that haven't, watch My Funny Valentine and get back to me. Faye is an amnesiac. She wakes from cold sleep in a Don Quixote state hundreds of years in the future. What does the show do with her character? Immediately saddle her with a burden: a whole shit ton of debt. That is her drive to grow as a character established early (early within the chronology of the in universe timeline), and it does wonders for her character. So I say bring on the horrible amnesiac characters that I can wave off and ignore until we get another Faye, at which point I am all on that.

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You might hate Sword Art Online. I share most of the hated tropes with everyone for typical shonen shows.

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@PenguinDust said:

I actually enjoy a lot of tropes. When there is a problem, it's not so much the trope which can be annoying but how it is presented. I like hot springs episodes and school festivals where the class is either a horror house or a maid cafe. Teenage or even pre-teen soldiers are part-and-parcel for the whole medium these days, but I get a kick out of the utter nonsense of it all. Why is it always some angsty high school boy who can pilot a futuristic death machine? Why are emotionally confused middle school girls always super powered demon hunters? It's laughable but I accept it because I know the storytellers are using the children to explore innocence and personal growth while setting them in a world normally inhabited solely by adults. I know some people find this troubling or even exploitive, but I see it as just a plot device. An adult wouldn't be believable reacting the same way as a teenager would, the way the story demands, so they make them kids and it's more acceptable. Perhaps because it's so far removed from reality the fantasy of it is easier to reconcile. For me, this includes the amnesiac child assassins as well as moody giant robot pilots who scream about how much they hate fighting while mowing down scores of enemy fodder.

I pretty well agree with you. There aren't tropes that bother me but sometimes they don't work out as well in some series as in others. I can also say the same about series with two primary genres but don't mix them together well enough (ex. Aria the Scarlet Ammo) where the series as a whole suffers.

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