Guns is an anime episode of Heat Guy J that was released on 12/03/2002
The government of Judoh has received numerous bomb threats claiming that the Central Tower is the target. Nobody can figure out where the threats are coming from. Being that the crime has not been committed yet the investigation falls under the jurisdiction of the special unit. Acting on a hunch Daisuke visits the now obsolete army base on the outskirts of Judoh to see if any explosives or munitions have been reported missing. Daisuke meets an old army Captain that takes a liking to Daisuke and invites him to his house for dinner. At the house the Captain is telling Dice about his granddaughter who turns out to be Kyoko, which leads to a very awkward moment between Kyoko and Dice. Through conversations with the Captain about the military and an old battleship they realise that the AI program in the battleship has re-activated and it has been the one making the strange bomb threats and that the ship is going to fire at the Central Tower. Daisuke, J and the Captain race to the ship and manage to destroy the gun before it hits the Central Tower.

Characters & Voice Actors

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