Gundam Evolve Characters

Gundam Evolve is an anime series in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise
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Amuro Ray

Amuro Ray is a New-type from the Universal Century saga of Gundam.

Domon Kasshu

The main protagonist of Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Domon is the fighter of Neo Japan and was trained by the twelfth Gundam Fighter Champion Master Asia to become the new King of Hearts.

Judau Ashta

The Main Protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ and pilot of the Double Zeta Gundam.

Rain Mikamura

The childhood friend of Domon Kashu who assists him during the Thirteenth Gundam Fight as his engineer, tactician and medic. Rain is also capable of piloting the Shining Gundam and Rising Gundam on some occassions.

Sayla Mass

Sayla is a civilian that was living on Side 7 at the time when the Zeon attacked, and ultimately became part of the crew on White Base.

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