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The iconic giant robot from the OVA series "Aim for the Top! Gunbuster"


Gunbuster is the giant robot super weapon created by humanity in order to combat the giant bug-like aliens threatening the solar system.  Developed mainly by Koichiro Ohta, one of the few remaining survivors of the first fleet to venture into deep space, Gunbuster consists of two spaceships and therefore requires two pilots.  Gunbuster itself is formed by combining Buster Machines 1 and 2.  Weapons include the Buster Beam (a large laser fired from the head), Buster Missiles (small, rapid-fire missiles fired from the fingers), Buster Colliders (large spikes that extend from the forearms and legs and electrocute the target), Homing Lasers, a Buster Shield, and its finishing move, the "Super Inazuma (Lightning) Kick."  Weapons not shown in the OVA but featured in the famous Super Robot Wars series include the Buster Tomahawk (wherein Gunbuster attacks with a double-sided tomahawk; an homage to Getter Robo) and the Buster Home Run (wherein Gunbuster pulls out a giant baseball bat, forms a baseball with energy in its palm, and launches it at the target).
General Information Edit
Thing Name Gunbuster
Japanese Name: グンブスタ—
Romaji Name: Gunbusutaa
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Gunbuster #4
1st anime movie:
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