Gunbuster Concepts

Gunbuster is an anime series in the Gunbuster franchise
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Bathing Scene

Bathing Scenes, while occasionally meaningful to plot or character development, are generally excuses for fan service.


Eyecatches are short scenes or illustrations used to begin and end a commercial break in anime.

Heroic Sacrifice

An act when someone gives up something of great importance for a greater good.


Generally refers to a large, usually humanoid weapon-type robot, usually piloted from within.

Mech Fight

Mech fights are battles between two or more large human-controlled robots.

Mech Pilot

A mech pilot is an occupation (mostly for humans) who are well trained in operating advance machinery/robotics armed with various weapons and functions.


Original Video Animation. A direct-to-video animated feature.

Space Monsters

Monsters that inhabit space.


Short for "technical babbling," technobabble is the near-indecipherable use of technical jargon to describe or explain an event or concept that is seemingly designed to leave the viewer with no clear understanding or description of said event or concept.

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